2018-08-27 And That’s a Wrap

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day. Strange indeed. The kids slept past noon which meant it was quiet in the house and I could just putz around doing whatever. As it turns out, I don’t know what to do with myself when I have free time. I had made the command decision not to work on Work or school and I could not focus to write. I basically wandered around my house aimlessly doing little chores like laundry, organizing and watering plants.

At one point Z said, “let’s watch a movie” and so she looked for something on Netflix and we started to watch. About 10 minutes in we both looked at each other and said “nah, not feeling it”. It was time for me to get ready for my bday date anyway.

I had a call with my boss which lasted about 45 minutes and promptly ended when Jim rang the doorbell. Right on time at 6PM. It’s so nice to be picked up. It’s so nice for someone to not make a big deal about how far away I live, which is pretty far south in the city.

We had a glass of wine at the house while I opened my gifts which were all extremely thoughtful. Nothing to over the top which was good because that worried me a bit. I would not have wanted something outrageously expensive because then I’d feel strange when his birthday arrives in October. After the gifts we took a few selfies and then it was off to dinner.

We actually made a stop at the wine bar we had our first date at first and had another glass of wine. That was sweet and thoughtful. We’ve been together almost 6 months now. He thinks of everything and is a planner. Great qualities!!

Then we went to dinner at a nice restaurant. I ate way too much and had yet another drink. I Was super full and tipsy when the evening was over and he drove me all the way back home. By that time it was past all our bedtimes and I got the kids to turn their lights out and we all went to sleep. That was it for another year.

I didn’t sleep well.. too much to drink I think. I woke at 2ish and could not fall back asleep. Both my stomach and my head hurt. I laid in bed not falling back asleep for a while before I gave in and took a Tylenol and half a Xanax. I’ve got lots to do today and needed sleep.

Now I’m at the gym and just don’t have it in me to do anything. I tried the elliptical and that lasted about 15 minutes. Now I’m on the treadmill and also having a tough time of it. I’m just tired. I need more sleep. I may just give up and just go home and get to work.

Anyway, that was it for another year. I still have a few meet ups this week which should be great, but the majority of festivities are done done ✅. Time now to turn my attention to today and the future.


~Miss SugarCookie

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