2018-08-31 Savor the Flavor Of Today

Wow yesterday I was in a crap mood. Once the workday was done. I let go of that and Jim and I had a great evening together. We went to run a few errands and then came back to the house where he cooked me dinner and we watched our show, Colony. I wanted a little something something extra and indulged in my favorite wine and ended up probably drinking too much. Still, I feel good today.

I can’t say I have any more energy but I do feel more motivated to get shit done. I’ve already achieved my minimum hours for the week as far as Work goes so anything I do now will be icing on the cake.

I also successfully navigated cancelling my lunch Meetup with Matt. Well, I was honest when I said I was super busy with work, so that helps. I kinda wanted to say “are you sure you want to do this considering how last time went?”, but I didn’t. Who knows what’s in people’s heads sometimes.

Anyway, so instead of spending time on that, I’ll be able to put in a few solid hours and then be done by 2 or 3 and get ready for more QT with my sweetie. You know you are in love with a person when you look forward to going to the grocery store with them.

Later tonight we have tix to another concert. OAR this time. My last August/Summer hurrah before the calendar flips to September and the leaves on the trees also start to turn. Fall is ineviatable. As seasons go, it’s ok, but 3rd in the pecking order. Spring being my favorite and Summer second. Winter is dead last. Yuk! I probably don’t like fall cuz I’m always looking forward and when I do that all I can see is cold and snow.

I have to try and enjoy all the things of this season instead, you know, live more in the moment. He’ll, Ive already received notice that the Starbucks PSL is back. That seems to happen earlier and earlier each year. What’s worse is that they will be bringing back the holiday drinks before October is out.

And just like that it’s Christmas. See how time can fly if you’re not careful??! I just want to slow it all down and savor the flavor of every season, one day at a time. So what’s the flavor of today? I’m not sure yet but I have a feeling it’s going to be great!

Peace and Love Until Next Time,

~Miss SugarCookie

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