2018-09-03 Just Another Day of Labor

Every morning I wake up with such high hopes about what I’ll be able to accomplish in a day. Monday’s are even more so because I’m not just thinking about the day but also about the week. Today is a triple whammie because it’s also the start of September. All weekend I’m thinking about the month and all it’s events and all the short term weekly things and now that Monday has arrived, just add the daily shenanigans to the brain pile.

It’s Labor Day but that holiday isn’t a thing in my book. I gotta log as many hours as I can because I’ll be taking a fair number of un-PTO this month. I’ll be in Cancun for five days, Cali for six or seven (partially for work) and Rochester Minnesota for two (road trip). Unlike the last month which was a whirlwind of travel, these are spread about every other week so at least I have time inbeteeen to recover.

Cancun is a girls trip, which we do about every 4 years. That’s about as often as we can coordinate our schedules. I’m the only one going from the Midwest. The rest of the crew live in Texas now. I used to call Rebecca my Texas Bestie but Stephanie moved there last year and so I can’t do that anymore. We’re gonna hang out on beaches and around pools being served drinks and food for 5 days at an all inclusive resort. How sad is it that when we talk about it we express our desire to be waited on. But these women all have kids and so they get it. When you spend a lot of time as a taxi and chef and maid and tutor, you really grow an appreciation for having things done for you.

I’m already used to the fact the Jim cooks 90% of the meals for us at his place. It’s been so easy to just let happen. Oh hey – speaking of Jim, gotta pause and give a little shout out cuz today is our 6 month anniversary! Woot woot!!

Anyway, this time next Monday I’ll be hitting the Houston airport and meeting all my Texas besties for our flight across the border. Obvi I won’t be working so I gotta work my ass off this week to get ahead of the lost hours. I guess that would be one advantage to going full time/salary – less to worry about when I’m jet setting all over the freaking place.

Trouble is, my brain is too full with stuff going on that I don’t really feel like working. I got my packet of feedback from my MFA mentor yesterday and I want to dig deep into that. I also have lots to do at the house today for chores that I’ve let go of getting done for a while now. I’m sure I have another 50 tomatoes hanging ripe on the vines outside and don’t even get me started about the mowing. I’ve been using the rain as an excuse but it’s gonna have to get done soon rain or shine. Stupid grass.

I’ve got more to say but my thoughts are all over the map and I’ve got to wrap.

Time to Labor On,

~Miss SugarCookie

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