2018-09-23 Saturday Nights and Sunday Mornings

Real life… Last night I went to Jim’s house. We sat on the couch for a few hours talking and drinking and I got drunk and had a great time. We talked about all sorts of random things moving from topic to topic, losing track of things we wanted to say and the number of drinks we had had. It was fun.

Then BAM, just like that my clothes ended up on the floor and we were in the bedroom. That was pretty fun too. This was followed by an unaccounted for amount of falling In and out of sleep and more talking. I’m not sure how long all that lasted or what time I went home and fell asleep in my own bed. I can’t even consult with my FitBit that typically keeps track of these things because somewhere along the way, that came off too. It was a good night.

I still woke up before 7 and despite the amount of alcohol consumed, I felt pretty good. Shortly after getting out of bed, I realized my phone charger cord was plugged into the phone but the cord usb connection was not plugged into the power cube. My phone was dead. I plugged it in and then proceeded to do chores to give it time to power up before hitting the gym.

Once I arrived at the gym my body started to feel a twinge of hangover, a strange delayed reaction. I took one look at the elliptical and when my stomach turned I passed it up and opted for the treadmill instead. It’s a silly thought but I’m using the fact that my steps are not being recorded as an excuse to not work as hard. I mean why would I exercise if I’m not getting credit?! 😜

At 8:30 there was a yoga class and I did that. That’s still exercise right?! My heart was only half in it though, my mind wandering all over the place including the night last night and the things I’m hoping to get done today. There were other random things rolling around in there too. Why is it the lyrics “big big booty, yeah you got a big booty” have been stuck in my head for days. Whatever. 🤷‍♀️

You know how hard it is to focus on revising poetry when your mind keeps handing you nonsense that’s not related? One of my goals this weekend was to do revisions on all the poems I submitted in my last packet. I’m almost there. I wrote about a dozen brilliant poems in my head while I was drinking last night but it all got erased by sleep. Probably for the best, my drunk poetry sucks.

I’m getting ready to dive back into all that now (poetry not drinking), but am now struggling even more with that delayed reaction hangover. Maybe I should sleep more first instead.

It always amazes me that so many people get up on Sunday mornings and go to church. Do they even know what they are sacrificing and what for? Something that might be a complete fabrication of humankind? See what I mean about my brain randomly wandering around the Universe? I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. That’s real life.

So Say We All,

~Miss SugarCookie

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