2018-09-24 Welcome to Monday

Despite being jammed up with school and work I’m super excited about the start of this week. Despite the cooler temps and autumn taking over, I’m stoked about shift in seasons. There a spring in my step and the fact that winter is coming, I’m happy. That’s life folks. Sometimes it hands you lemons and you have to hunt for vodka so you can make Lemmon drop shots and other times you’re living the all inclusive life and they are serving you mai tais on the beach.

I may have returned from Mexico over a week ago but thoughts of it are still lingering. It was definitely a strange vacation and while it was going on, something just felt “off”. My heart was at home far away and I was unable to enjoy myself. I mean, it was still wonderful being at a tropical location listening to some of my best girl friends talk about life, but I felt disconnected.

This week I’m home and have a ton of stuff to get done and it feels so right. I’m right where I belong. I typically love traveling but maybe I’m turning over a new leaf. I’m not having any urges to plan my next trip and the thoughts about traveling for work don’t seem as enticing. As a matter of fact, traveling for work seems particularly icky at the moment. I was supposed to travel this week and that got cancelled when that project got put on hold. I wasn’t bummed out at all. That’s telling.

The weather out right now is beautiful and the air is crisp and clean. I love looking out my back window seeing the zinnias still popping and the peppers turning their intended colors. The watermelon foliage is waning and revealing several perfect fruits. I don’t even like watermelon, I just enjoy planting and watching things grow and flower and bear fruit. It feels like magic. I don’t want to travel and miss things here at home being so amazing.

Especially when I know things are going to change fast. In another month we could have freezing temps and snow. It’s highly likely. We’ve had a blizzard on Halloween before. The leaves on my Oak tree will not drop until after January but my neighbors tree in the back has already turned and is dropping its payload now. My back yard is littered with golden confetti, and it’s really beautiful. Who would want to miss a minute of that?

Today I’ve got a full set of work and school stuff plus an awesome Meetup with 3 of my favorite friends and former co-workers. That’s happening over lunch and should be excellent. Later I’m going to help Z finish filling out and returning job applications. Then, after my team meeting this evening I get to hang with my sweetie. Life is good.

More Please,

~Miss SugarCookie

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