2018-10-19 Friday Scrambles (thoughts from a very white girl)

Scrambled egg whites and scrambled thoughts for your Friday Feels…

Have you ever had scrambled egg whites? It’s certainly healthier than regular scrambled eggs but somehow against nature and the laws of balance in the Universe. First of all, separating the egg yolk and tossing it away is such a waste. Would you ever buy another product and then proceed to throw half of it away? Especially something that was perfectly good and delicious? Nope.. not this girl! That’s crazy talk.

Second of all, if you have ever actually done this, you would learn that the resulting product is really white. I mean, scrambled eggs are yellow. That’s what they look like, so staring at a plate of fluffy whiter than white like Small town Iowa-heartland-of-the-Midwest-middle-school white just sort of makes me lose my appetite. It’s just plain wrong (not that there’s anything wrong with being a white kid growing up in Iowa — I WAS that kid), it just doesn’t seem natural for scrambled eggs to look like that.

Being real now, there were very few African Americans in my town growing up. In high-school there were about 235 people in my graduating class and maybe 1 person who was African American. I honestly don’t recall if we even had any Latinos or people with Asian heritage. Talk about a sheltered upbringing. Wow! 😯

So you can imagine the culture shock when I turned 19 and got married and moved to Las Vegas. We were in the Air Force and stationed at Nellis AFB. We lived in North Las Vegas, just outside of the base. Saying it was a bad neighborhood would be seriously sugar coating the fact that it was gang central. I mean, up to that point I had only heard stories about bloods and crypts and prostitutes in North Omaha. That stuff didn’t seem real. I felt the same way about that as I did the stories in the Bible – since I didn’t see it for myself it was all just myth. For the record, I still don’t believe most of what’s in the Bible. I’m definitely a have-to-see-it-to-believe-it kind of a girl.

Really real now… some white dudes made that shit up a long time ago to serve some of their own “needs”. Don’t believe me? Try googling why Catholics do the fish Friday thing during lent. The REAL reason. I’ll sum it up for you.. the fishing industry was suffering and to boost their economy they lobbied the Catholic Church for help. #truth

That last paragraph is what is called “freedom of speech” (actually this whole blog is my flexing my right to free speech) and if you believed that statement about the Catholic church just now without verifying it, then you’ve fallen into the same trap that the entire media has set for the general public. They are reporting news so it must be true right? We trust them because they are SUPPOSED to report true facts. Guess what? The cake is a lie. Listen closely and you will hear somewhere in each questionable “news” story – “this is so far not verifiable information”. That’s the out. We can say whatever we want as long as we add the disclaimer that we aren’t really sure that is what happened.

Dude gets kidnapped, reportedly tortured and murdered, dismembered and beheaded. That’s pretty specific CNN! How can you live with reporting those details without proof? Are you trying to insight rage?! Are you trying to start a WAR? I mean investigators from Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the US have not completed their investigation so how can you possibly report on the details yet? Leaked info? Maybe, but without a “verifiable source” you are delinquent in your responsibility to report the truth.

I called out CNN but it’s not just them – it’s ALL the news agencies. They all report certain news stories a certain way and chose to report or not report something. If somehow a situation will reflect negatively on the president, then CNN is all over it and Fox News is holding back. If the situation were reversed somehow and the news hurts the dems, Fox would be all over that shit. See what I mean about spinning the story to suit your own agenda?!

Oh wow! Who put that soap-box right there? I can’t believe I’ve scrambled myself into talking about my hatred for the media. Hate is a strong word but call a spade a spade I guess. When is a spade not a spade? ♠️ When it’s not a spade. 😜

I started writing about scrambled eggs and ended up talking about the media. Haha. Anyway, so when I moved to Vegas I learned really quickly what it felt like to be the minority. As far as skin color goes, I was already the whitest person in the whitest town growing up. I’m seriously white. Once I went to Puerto Vallarta and did some adventure touring. Some hiking, boating, and Zip lining. When the group was introducing themselves, saying their name and where they were from, I said “hi my name is Shyla and I’m from Iowa”.

Our guide looked at me and said “what color are you anyway?”. 😂 #truth! This statement can’t be verified however because I’m my own source. Wait, my friend Amy was there with me, I wonder if she remembers that?!

I was presumably the whitest person this dude had ever seen. The other thing I remember about that adventure tour is that our guide told us it was forbidden to wear sunscreen as we would be coming in contact with natural spring water that was not to be contaminated with chemicals. The look on my face was probably like “say what now?!” No sunscreen?! 😱 Ummm not gonna happen. Didn’t you just ask me what color I was? If I don’t wear sunscreen in Mexico, I die. Of course I ignored their request and lathered on my SPF 100 anyway. Come to think on it, it’s one of very few times I’ve actually been a rule breaker. In my defense, my safety was at stake so that makes it ok. Sunscreen in the name of self-defense. 😜

Back to Vegas… I was so much in the minority (and very few people living in Vegas are actually from Vegas) so when I had my interview at the Treasure Island in 1993 the director of the department actually asked me “you’re like a Mormon from Utah right?”. Yeah, that was back in the day managers could ask questions like that in job interviews and not bring the pain of a law suit. I was like “no, I’m from Iowa”, and I held back revealing that I think our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, is just a myth.

I should have said “Well I’ve seen prostitutes now and know that they are real so I guess anything is possible”. But I was too sheepish for saying things like that back then. Now? Now I’m writing it in my public blog so I guess I’ve come a long way. Now I don’t give a fuck, (mostly). Ask me anything, I’ll tell you what I really think.

I’ll tell you what I think about organized religion, or our juvenile, corrupt president, or this crazy weather we are having. I’ll tell you what I think about the media. And for the love of all the cheese and rice in the Universe, I’m certainly not afraid to tell you what I think about eating scrambled egg-whites. It’s just wrong.

That’s it for today’s Friday Feels. I hope you enjoyed it! 😉

Love from the non-Mormon,

~Miss SugarCookie


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