2018-10-25 What Day Is It Again?

We took the day off yesterday for various reasons and it felt so much like a Saturday that waking up today I thought it was Sunday. I was thinking “wow, that week went so fast”, and checking my FitBit for stats. When I didn’t see the weekly average for sleep I was all like 🤔 .. 😯 .. it’s only Thursday!

It’s a good thing cuz I still have lots of work to catch up on and am getting ready to take a few more days off for a long weekend in Colorado. We’re going to visit my bro and probably go on a hike and maybe explore Estes Park. It might be too late in the season to see the fall color on the mountains but it should still be really beautiful. My brother lives in a broomfield and that’s pretty close to boulder so we booked a place in that area.

Today I’m meeting with my realtor and going to parent teacher conferences and trying to wrap up a few other things before skipping town. I was able to finish my next big packet for my MFA program earlier this week and so that’s a huge weight lifted off. If I can get a lot of work done today I should be able to cruise into the “real” weekend feeling great about where everything is at. I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ve only got a few other small seedlings of thought and nothing quite ready or worth writing about just yet and I’m starting to feel thirsty. 🤔.. 😯.. MUST be Thursday!!

Bottoms Up,

~Miss SugarCookie

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