2018-11-01 Honoring All Saints

Happy all saints day ya’ll! Also known as All Hallows Day. It’s a Christian holiday that’s not really celebrated anymore that I can tell except for the festivities of “All Hallows Eve – you know the one.. (🎃👻🍬).

The truth is that we don’t really need another holiday and as far as saints are concerned – forget about it – we ain’t got none. That’s a bad attitude but it’s grounded in the realities of our modern day society. Look at our “leaders” and the corruption that exists everywhere. I may be jaded but there’s definitely a lack of inspiration to be found with the people who are supposed to be our role models.

I guess by the true definition it’s a religious tag and not necessarily associated with people in leadership roles, but hey, don’t you want your leaders to be virtuous? Don’t you want them to exhibit saintly qualities and have some security that they are on the side of good? Yeah, that’s probably too much to ask when self interest and the bottom line are at stake. Actually the definition of saint includes this “typically regarded as being in heaven after death”. By that definition (if you believe in heaven) lots of people would be saints. Well, I guess I shouldn’t say that cuz I have no idea what one would have to do to qualify to get into heaven. Perhaps that’s tough to achieve. And who knows anyway, it’s all sort of made up right?

Full disclosure in case you missed it, I’m not religious and don’t have enough knowledge to speak from a well informed background on the topic. This is my disclaimer. Somebody should put a disclaimer on the Bible “sources could not be verified”.

For all we know, some white dudes were sitting around a table smoking something, getting high, making up stories and coming up with a grand plan to invent a new religion. Or maybe they were on something a little stronger and actually hallucinated “God” visiting them , telling them what to do and what to write. They may not have been white I suppose, but for sure it was a bunch of dudes. Props anyway, it really caught on. Still, this concept of heaven baffles me. How can you claim to know something exists when there is no possible way for you to know that?

Once you’re body no longer functions in this plane of existence, that’s it. Does your mind continue to function beyond death? Do you have a soul that leaves your body and travels somewhere else? Are you transported to a different plane of existence? Ummmm… we don’t know, cuz after you are dead you can’t report back on what you are experiencing. Probably.

There’s certainly no shortage of people who claim they can channel spirits from beyond. I’m sort of on the fence about that one. I think it’s possible for our collective energy to continue to exist after our body gives out, and that someone with a higher sense of spiritual perception might be able to tap into that energy. I’ve never personally been witness to such a thing and being a realist, I sort of have to see it to believe it. So that why I’m not sold on “life” after death. I’m definitely not putting any stock into the concept of “heaven”.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine yesterday who tells me he is terrified of death. I guess that says something about a persons beliefs. Maybe. I’m not afraid of death at all. I used to be afraid. I used to be afraid to fly because I was scared the plane would crash. I’m not anymore. If the plane I am on crashes, it will all be over really fast and “poof” that will be it. I told my friend yesterday that I was totally OK with that. If there is something else beyond or nothing else beyond, it doesn’t matter. My existence is so insignificant in the universe that it really doesn’t matter what happens next. I’m at peace with whatever it is.

As far as saints are concerned, I’m not sure that is a thing that exists either. Is any one person so virtuous, so selfless? Has there ever been? Michael, Francis, Patrick? Christopher, Valentine, Joseph? There’s a list – https://www.catholic.org/saints/popular.php, but the list was written by Catholics so not sure if people of other faiths were considered. I don’t see buddha is on the list. 🤷
I find it funny that Joseph is #7 on the list but the virgin Mary is #16. How is it that the dude who was Jesus’s foster father is higher on the list than the woman who actually gave birth to Jesus??! This is proof that all popularity contests are flawed.

Anyway, I won’t be celebrating today because I’m all celebrated out. For me, today is more about starting fresh with a new month and looking forward to what I need to get done this month. That means paying bills and list making. That means a new opportunity to start eating healthy and get my house clean and organized. This month, I’m gonna do ALL the things. (said me the first of every month). This time though, it’s ON!

~Miss SugarCookie

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