2018-12-01 Well Hello There

Hi December, my name is Miss. SugarCookie and you may not know it yet but we were totally meant for each other. I mean, one could guess since you seem to be all about gingerbread men and ginger snaps and gingerbread houses! Why not pair up with a ginger SugarCookie?

Today I crossed all the things (but two) from my November list and that equates to great success. 💃💃 All those things will soon be replaced by other tasks to be done in the month of December but I have the whole glorious month to get them done. Plus, with the weight of finals being lifted I officially have more time to do … all the things. This may or may not include fun with baking cookies. We’ll see.

Tonight the kids and I are going to hang out at Jim’s house with him and his kids. Based on the forecast, we might get snowed in and I would totally be ok with that. The kids may not think that’s cool, but whatev. They will have to get used to it cuz in less than 2 months we are gonna live there.

I had them clean their rooms this week because my realtor was coming over to do an assessment of my house. Then last night while I was otherwise occupied doing my own thing, my daughter actually started to put stuff in boxes. She actually packed a ton of stuff from her room. Wowza!! She’s definitely got a part of me in her. I stared packing several weeks ago. It’s a good way to determine what you really need.

As a person who really wants to be a minimalist, it’s a pretty good test. So far I’ve actually gotten rid of more things than I have packed. The challenge will be when I get to the basement and am faced with a lot of “memorabilia”. If I can minimize down by 1/3 there, that would be a win. Why is it so tough to get rid of stuff?? I mean, I have a whole box of stuff from when I got married. 🙄 whatev. Don’t even get me started on how much I saved from when my kids were babies and toddlers and elementary school age. A literal sh!t ton!! 😜

The last time I moved I said I was going to go through it all but I ran out of time and didn’t. That’s the problem with plastic totes.. they are so convenient for moving without ever even opening to see what is inside. This time I will have much more time to do it right and am going to take advantage of that. Put it on the list! ✅

The problem with packing now, as my daughter discovered today, is that you may need something and not remember where you packed it. She said, “mom, I can’t do that craft project because I think I packed my paints”. Hahaha! So that thing that was so monumental for us th Get last week at the thrift store for her to paint is now still sitting in the back of my car. Whatev.

So there’s the rub.. if you need it and use it, you can’t pack it yet and if you don’t need it or use it, then what are you keeping it for?? Yeah… like that bin full of CDs or that bin full of Little Pet Shops, or that bin with old cassette tapes, and mismatched chargers and electronic devices that have not been used in 15 years??!! I have flip phones and video cameras and.. get this.. about half a dozen blank cassette tapes cuz that’s how I used to get new music. I used my boom box to record songs when they came on the radio. Omg… like a hundred years ago. Now you all can guess how old I must be. 😜

Anyway, this month I’m gonna be all about letting go of that shit. Just like Santa, I’ll be making my list and checking it twice. ✅✅ No way in hell I’m parting with that boom box though. How else am I gonna “spin” those old tunes? Haha.

Time to Jam,

~Miss GingerCookie 😉

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