2018-12-17 Spinnin’ Records

It’s Monday again and that means another transition. It’s really getting to be too much and this close to Christmas I just have a lot of things stacking up and that doesn’t help. My brain is struggling to wrap itself around all of it and when that happens, I lose focus.

Gawd, I sound like a freaking broken record. I guess that makes sense since much of life is broken record repoititions. I just need to spin the positive ones instead of the same old sad songs that aren’t selling this year.

How about this one? I had a great date with my sister last Saturday night. We went to the 801 and sat at the bar and drank and ate delicious food. We got each other caught up on life, which is always a treat.

Last night I watched another movie with my darling daughter and we chatted about all sorts of things. I stayed up way past my usual sleepy time but it was totally worth it. (I only slept for 5 hours because of that.)

This week I’m looking forward to being reunited with my sweetie, going to a writers workshop and poetry reading, and dinner out with my project team at M’s. I have not been back there since the place burnt down and was rebuilt. That will be interesting.

I’ve got packages being delivered tomorrow and Wednesday and will have a fair bit of wrapping to do. I’m hopeful to get most of my work hours in early this week so by the tine I get to Thursday or Friday, I can just transition easy into a wonderful holiday weekend. That’s my hope anyway.

Christmas this year has turned into a crazy mess with regard to scheduling and family events and kids. I wanted to try to keep things positive today but just going to sneak this quick one in… my ex is being a jackass about the schedule and tried to give me a parenting lecture last night. Haha… because he’s always about what is best for the kids. Whatever!! Gawd I had to bite my tongue so hard like 12 times.

I’m at his mercy this year as far as the schedule goes so I HAVE to play nice in the sandbox, even though it means my tongue will end up mangled and bruised. I’m going to sacrifice time alone with my kids just to appease my mom whose insisting on things a certain way and my ex who is all of a sudden wanting more than usual. 🙄 I digress. Why is it always easier to spin into a rant??

Turning it back the other way again, I told Z that it didn’t matter when we celebrate because what matters is QT together and if that doesn’t happen on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, It WILL happen. I’m going to make the most of the time we do have. That reminds me, I need to do some Christmas food shopping. We’re gonna have our breakfast of hot chocolate, bacon, and cinnamon rolls even if it is at 10PM on the 25th!! 😜 ☕️🎄🥓❤️

Ok that’s enough of this aimless rambling.

Time to Jam,

~Miss SugarCookie

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