2019-01-23 Just Another Day

It’s just another Wednesday, just another snow day for my kids (6 days off in a row now), and another day of packing.

Yesterday I took on most of the basement and while I was doing that I was really struggling but now that I’m “done” it feels good. I put done in quotes because it might be a thing that is never done. I had enough of a trip down memory lane for now and went through every stupid box full of stuff I once thought was important. I mean, some of it is, but one can’t help but wonder if none of it really is.

I did not meet my goal of reducing the tote count by 1/3 (8 bins), but did consolidate and reduce from 24 to 18 and that’s pretty good. It’s a considerable improvement and at least now I have a better handle on what is what.

I’m taking advantage of the kids being out of school and having them work on stuff on and off too. They have to do their own rooms and all of it needs to get done so it’s really just keeping them from procrastinating (mostly).

Z is self motivated and had started a few weeks ago, but she has way more clothes and things. C is less motivated and basically won’t do anything unless I’m in there helping him. Thank goodness he has about half of the stuff as his sister (or less). They could not be more opposites. That’s a case for nature in the nature versus nurture question.

Another thing that is just the same as every other day is that I am not motivated to work at all. I’m quite frustrated actually at my inability to focus and make progress. I should have just declared this whole week off. Seriously though, how hard is it to get 20 hours of work in??!

In other news, my right arm is in such pain now, it hurts to do even the smallest tasks. All that lifting and moving, I am certain, is making my problem worse. At this point I’ve tried just about everything recommended and the fact that it only has gotten worse is a terrible sign.

Monday I have an appointment with a doctor and based on talking with Jim, I’m pretty sure I know what to expect. He’ll probably take the history of the problem, do a physical exam, and then maybe a sterour shot. But what’s that going to do without rest and rehab? The answer is not much. Therefore, the other thing I’m predicting is doctors orders to give the arm a break.

Never good timing to have an injury but this is the worst. Moving and packing and unpacking is tough enough. Jim said next week he’s going to do all the “heavy lifting” with regards to unpacking. He said he’s going to make sure I follow doctor’s orders.

I’m definitely getting plenty of exercise going up and down my stairs a gazillion times. Oh, I also had to shovel snow this morning which meant I had a ton of steps in even before thinking I needed some Gym time. Really I just wanted to get away for a bit before *trying* to dig into work. With the kids home, internet is at a premium and I’m not looking forward to arguing with anyone about it.


Two more days to go.


~Miss SugarCookie

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