2019-01-30 Holy Radio Silence Batman!

Is it? Could it possibly be? Am I finally getting to workout and write a few words about the SugarCookie life??!! … YES

Here’s the short story after enduring the most extensive stint of “blog silence” in my two years of blogging. One week ago I was preparing for the big move and now it’s done.

Thursday was dedicated to mad packing, throwing shit in boxes, and trying to be ready for the movers.

Friday they showed up at about 8:30 AM and my primary job at the old place was to direct traffic. What goes, what stays, and what gets moved to the garage to donate. By lunchtime my life was on a truck and headed for my new home. Then in the afternoon it was a repeat of the morning only in reverse. I hung around close to the open doors and repeatedly answered the question, “where does this go?”. By 2pm they were wrapping things up and I was spent (and slightly concerned about a growing stress headache).

At that point I had to drive back to the school and pick up my kids. It would be our first official night in our new home. Super exciting. Unfortunately my headache escalated to a migraine and I was feeling really rotten all evening. Jim took the wheel and got all the kids dinner and some meds for me from the CVS. My kids know the drill when I have a migraine. I’m pretty much useless and it typically ends with me going to sleep and that is exactly what happened.

I was in bed by 9pm. Not the way I wanted our first night in the house, but it is what it is.

Saturday I woke with a slight headache which is unusual after having a migraine and taking meds and having a good sleep, but I took some more OTC right away and it subsided. That whole day is kind of a blur right now. We were still in recovery from the Friday fun and discussing lots of logistics about the next few days. We also had all our kids at the house and so time was split between unpacking essentials and spending QT with them.

I could have predicted that my darling daughter would be self motivated to unpack and organize her room and she did exactly that. My son, on the other hand, was just as predictable in not touching any of his boxes and opting to engage in some PC gaming instead.

Saturday night we had a great “family” night of food and games. We went to Dave and Busters briefly and after standing in a crowd of people waiting at the register we abandoned the thought of that. Instead we opted to drive through the Taco Johns and being that back to the house and just play at home.

We played a heated game of Jenga and then a round of liars dice. We played a game of pool and then turned the dial down and settled in to watch a movie. My kids had never seen “Cast Away” so we started that one and called it quits when Tom finally achieved fire, which is truly the apex of the movie.

Sunday Jim and I dedicated most of the day to cleaning up the house to get it ready for putting on the market. My mom came over to help and we got a ton done. By the end of that day things were in pretty good shape and we were truly down to the last of the deciding what stays and what goes. Most noteworthy is that my kids’ bedroom furniture was all “going”, and it was all pressed board stuff that I just wanted to get rid of. Jim put it all out on the driveway and posted for free on Craig’s list. As we cleaned and watched out the windows it was amazing to see it all disappear within about a half an hour.

People just drove up and loaded things on their cars and in their cars and one couple could not fit everything they wanted in their car and one person stayed behind to watch their “claim” while the other presumably went home with a load of stuff and then came back again. Jim even got pictures of a woman putting my red couch on top of her car. That couch was in my basement when I moved in the house (left by the previous owners) and ended up with a ton of claw marks from my kitten. I thought, no way someone would want that. I guess “free” makes a big deal with people. Whatever.

When we returned to the new house, I was again spent from the cleaning and we had a chill evening with the kids again just hanging out and finishing the movie we started on a Saturday night. It was a school night and time to establish our nightly routine in a new space.

Monday Jim and I both took the day off of work to go back to the house and finish up. As it turns out, my ex has the flu and so to prevent the kids from getting sick we opted to keep them so I had to go back a second time to collect them. That gave me time to do a few last things by myself in my empty house and really feel ready for what was next… which would be putting it up for sale. Being there, with it empty and cleaner than the day I moved in was strange. I love that house. I fell in love with it the first time I walked through and knew i was going to live there. I could and should do a blog post just about that. Truly a turning point in my life and one of the best decisions I ever made.

Monday also included a trip for me to the orthopedic surgeon to get an assessment of my elbow which has been a constant pain these last three months and not getting better no matter what I try. That ended in a steroid shot and I’m hopeful that it will be just the thing needed for helping my recovery.

Tuesday I dropped the kids off again and went back to greet the electrician that was fixing the can light in the half bath on the main level and also the photographer. That afternoon I electronically sighed all the paperwork and that brings us to today, Wednesday,

when it will be listed. Whew! That’s a lot going on for a week and not a spare minute In there for steps or gym time or writing or “me” time.

As of right now, ive been on this elliptical machine for about an hour and it feels great! I’m gonna push through to 10k before calling it quits for the day. I have a ton of work to catch up on too and have two more appointments to keep today. It’s a great day to not have to go out much because we are currently in a polar vortex and the temps are well below zero. So much so that they cancelled school. 😱

I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week and getting back to “normal”. We might have a ton of unpacking to do but everything is here and there’s no urgency.

Wowza! That’s quite a catch up and about as succinct as I could manage. There is Definitely a lot more I could say about everything but that will have to wait for another day.

Peace Out for Now, ☮️

~Miss SugarCookie

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