2019-02-11 That Just Don’t Make No Sense (or Does it?)

Today is Monday and the start of a new week. This week I’m getting a break from my new daily commute and by all accounts I should be in a great mood to have that extra time in my day to dedicate to other things. Not only that but I’m also going to be celebrating my first Valentine’s Day with my fiancé. That should be making me all warm and fuzzy inside.

My house is sold and the inspection is this week and I’m in a great spot with regards to my workload AND I got over 7.5 hours of sleep last night. Despite all that awesome I’m still in a crappy mood and feeling grumpy and unmotivated this morning. I’m back in the gym on my favorite elliptical machine and for some reason can’t wait to be done. This rarely happens.

I even took an extra boost of caffeine thinking I just needed to wake up a bit more. I barely feel it. Looking at my FitBit app just now I notice that it’s like 5 days until the start of my monthly cycle and I’m thinking that HAS to be it. I know when my daughter gets grumpy and irrational I always think about what time of the month it is for her. I’m typically right about it enough that even she recognizes the connection.

I’m no stranger to PMS myself. I’ve recognized a pattern of heightened emotions and have even been cognizant of it enough to pause my thought processes and hold off on taking action on something that seemed “super important”.

I’ve said to myself “wait like 3 days and if you still feel this strongly about it, then go ahead with saying something or taking action”. That approach has served me well.

This past weekend we had all four teenagers in the house plus one of them had 5 friends overnight on Friday. That was a serious test of my nerve. It’s one thing to love your own kids and have a certain tolerance level for their shenanigans but add more to the mix and it really was a challenge. Too much noise, activity, and constant tidying up for my taste. I’m an introvert so I have to have some alone time to recharge. That was not possible this past weekend.

It felt like every time I finished cleaning up the kitchen it was time for another meal and it immediately became a mess again. Not to mention the fact that people’s schedules and normal weekend habits meant emerging from their respective rooms at random times for snacks. I knew that living with other people would be an adjustment, but seeing Jim’s eldest son not pick up after himself really rubbed me the wrong way.

Yesterday I had just finished emptying and loading the dishwasher back up while he was eating lunch. I left the dishwasher open as an invitation to put his dirty dish in it and then left the room. Sure enough I came back 10 minutes later and there was the unrinsed dish on the counter. Ugh!!

Then I think, perhaps this would normally not bother me so much. Perhaps it’s just me and I need to have a little more understanding. Perhaps I just need to wait a few days and see if my irritation subsides. He’s 19 and was home from college for the weekend and so even if it’s not PMS he won’t be here this week to rub me the wrong way. 🤷‍♀️ All I can say right now, is that he’s not going to impress anyone if he has the same messy habits at his place at college. Ewwww.

It’s now been over an hour and I’m still not finding my happy place here so I’m going to call it quits for today and move onto the next thing. Maybe if I start crossing things off my to-do list it will lift my spirits. Time will tell.

Turning the Dial,

~Miss SugarCookie

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