2019-02-20 Remember When

Remember all those times I wish I had a treadmill so I could get steps on days like today when the weather is bonkers and I can’t leave my house? Yeah, now I do and don’t have to wish anymore.

Remember all those times I woke up with a headache and couldn’t even start my day without popping some pills? Yeah, now those times are few and far between. It still happens occasionally but for the most part I start my day with a few vitamins and an allergy pill and that’s it.

Remember those times I got up to face another day of stress caused by working my ass off for a company that doesn’t give a shit about their employees health and well being? Yeah, now I work just a few hours a day and though I may feel there is no company that really “cares”, I’m at a much better place now. And the stress is much less.

Remember those days when I used to wonder endlessly about my failed relationships? Or what my future love life might hold? Or what was wrong with me that I wasn’t worthy? Well, folks, those days are gone too. Thank the Universe!! At times I still think about the past, but I’m no longer hard pressed to stare and try to solve it like it’s a puzzle my life depends on.

I think I’ve finally snapped out of the funk I was in last week and all of the things I’m “remembering when” about are extremely important. It’s all evidence that my life is good now. I just have to keep my focus on all the good and not dwell on the things left that are not awesome, especially those things that are outside of my control.

It’s a random Wednesday and there’s no school again because of the weather and there’s nothing I can do about the 10 inches of snow and ice covering everything. Instead I can choose to be happy because I have a treadmill to walk on, and a job that I can go to which is at a computer just upstairs. We have a fully stocked kitchen and despite the fact that I did, indeed, wake up with a headache this morning, it has already subsided.

My sweetie is off today too and upstairs doing house chores (which by the way I’ve never had with any of my relationships till now) and later if the roads get cleared, we’re gonna make a trip to return the jewelry he bought for me for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, that! 😉

Yeah, Things are good. I’m just gonna keep riding this wave and see where it takes me. If I’m truly fortunate I’ll look back on this time ten years from now and say “remember that?”.. life is so good.

The River to the Ocean Goes,

A Fortune for the Undertow,

~Miss SugarCookie

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