2019-03-04 Scatterbrain Monday

I dropped the kids off at school about an hour ago and have been at the gym ever since. I haven’t been able to focus long enough on any one thing to come up with something to write about. I don’t think my brain is awake yet. Which is strange because most of the time I’m a morning person and can’t stop my brain as soon as I open my eyes (sometimes even before that).

Last night Jim and I celebrated our one year anniversary by going to Corkscrew where we first met. Then we went to dinner at Blue which was our second date. Then we went home and he had prep work to do in the kitchen for meals for this week and I fell asleep in a chair in the living room. It’s a thing I rarely do despite how tired I always am in the evenings. My FitBit recorded that I fell asleep at 9:15.. yeah, such an exciting end to our “date”.

It’s Monday and I don’t want to work. I need to go grocery shopping and I hate shopping but I’d much rather do that then sit down at my computer to do work. That says a lot.

What I should be focusing on is my daughter’s bday on Thursday and the party and all that jazz. She’s got two friends with celiac disease (they are twins) and she wants me to make my famous gluten free chocolate chip cookies. We also need to finish unpacking and cleaning her room and putting her room decor up. We’ve been in the new house over a month and she’s resisted these things so this party is the perfect motivator.

I’m also planning to take the day off Friday in order to spend the day with her so I should be trying to log more hours the rest of the week but thinking about that is just gross. Stupid work.

I had crazy dreams last night and one of the cats was awake all night long scratching on the scratching post in the bedroom and I swear trying to keep me awake so I would pet her. She would scratch and I would toss and turn and then she would jump on the bed and nudge my hand with her head. Normally that would be super cute, but when you are trying to sleep it’s terrible. Even though my FitBit app says I got 8 hours and 22 minutes sleep it was not good. I’m just tired and the day has barely started.

I suppose that’s enough of the scatterbrain pathways of thought that have no purpose and go nowhere. “Time to make the doughnuts.”


~Miss SugarCookie

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