2019-03-25 The Monday Challenge – Are You Doing Life Right?

Eight Mondays to go.. seven if you don’t count the one I will be in Spain. If you don’t hate Mondays, then you are probably doing life right. A year ago I think I wrote a post about loving my new Mondays. See that’s proof of how life can shift and change right under you without you even noticing. Like a frog in a pot of water that’s set to boil. You don’t realize it’s too hot until it’s too late. I guess in that sense I’m grateful for recognizing the environment had taken a turn with time enough to “jump out”.

I’ve come to dread Monday and that speaks volumes about the situation I’m now navigating my way out of. It would be really great if I leaned my lesson this time. I guess the difference this time is that I wouldn’t have a way out of it weren’t for the change in my relationship status. Yeah, funny the way it is.

Anyway, yeah it’s Monday and I’m dreading the work I have ahead of me this week on the project, but enough about that. Let’s focus on what’s good…

This week I’m having a Meetup with my sister and also getting another break from parenting as my kids go to their dads. I love them bunches but sometimes mom just needs some quality adult time when the weight of responsibility for their success as humans is lifted. I’m going to spend my free time hanging with my sweetie and doing some of my favorite things. Isn’t that what life is supposed to be about?!

The weather is getting nicer and I can’t wait to play outside. It’s supposed to be up in the 70s on Wednesday and that’s freaking amazing. It’s time to dig in some dirt and get that garden going. You know what else would be super bad-ass… if I was able to do some reading and writing this week. I have a reading list that’s a mile long now and it’s high time I started working my way through that as well.

I just can’t wait until my Mondays are transformed. Instead of setting goals and making to-do lists for things that I’m not looking forward to, I’ll be diving head first into things that I enjoy. Pretty soon now. 😊

As for today, I’ve got lots of work work to do and the most exciting thing I will be doing is hitting the DMV to get a new drivers license with my new address. I’m hoping Monday mornings are not busy there and that the person who helps me out did not wake up this morning hating life. Please and thank you.

Times up… gotta roll out.

Peace and Love,


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