2019-04-29 The Monday After “Game Day”

I thought once I was moved my Monday transition “blues” would be a thing of a past yet today I woke with this strange feeling in my gut, I’m not sad or depressed or anxious or worried. That’s what makes this strange feeling so hard to pin down. Is it the fact that I only have 3 weeks left of work or is it that I still have to beat that Monday drum? Is it that my kids are returning and I’ve got to crank myself back into “mom” gear after an adults only weekend? Is it that I’m still trying to get used to my new life? Perhaps a combination of all 3.

I missed my morning workout this AM due to other unfinished business from over the weekend. We maxed out on screen time yesterday by watching both End Game and Game of Thrones. It was the best “game day” ever! 😜 In all honesty I thought End Game was way too long. They threw everything including the kitchen sink into it and tried to wrap 8+ years of storyline and character development. They did it, and I think that’s it for the Avengers. No spoilers here.. Just a heads up that the movie is like almost 3 hours long.

GOT was measurably more satisfying for me and the characters I’ve been rooting for since the first season are still kicking it so that’s good. It’s silly to be invested in a show like that, but at least I know I’m not alone. Millions of people tuned in to witness the Battle of Winterfell. No spoilers here either, just a question of where the story goes next.

Anyway.. with like 6 hours of total screen time yesterday I did not finish my weekend chores. I wrapped that up this morning and looked longingly at my April “to do list” and promptly pushed that aside to log into work. I did my time and now I’m 1 day closer to wrapping this contract up.


It’s now hours later and the kids are home and things are back to “normal”. The uneasy feeling I woke with is now long gone which leads me to believe that for things to feel just right it’s better if they are here. Yeah.. having all my people (and kittens and birds and fish and snails) together in one house is definitely where it’s at.

Time to go enjoy what is left of this Monday.

Peace Out,

~Miss SugarCookie

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