2019-05-16 Three Mini-Rants Disguised as a List

I’ve had so many different thoughts about things I’ve wanted to write about today, as my day was happening, and didn’t have a spare minute to sit down and work things out like I like. Life is like that sometimes. It’s almost 9 and I feel like I have miles to go, but certainly no miles left in me. Perhaps not even inches. It’s times like these that I need to learn to be brief, try to remember what it is I want to say, or just let it go.

I have a tough time letting things go, sometimes. So I’m going to attempt brevity (should be a slam dunk for a poet – but I’m not quite THERE yet either). The way left brain sugar cookies approach brevity is through lists so here’s my “May 16, 2019 – Stuff that happened today list”:

1. The chronic pain in my arm had returned so I went to the orthopedic doctor to get another steroid shot in my arm. The entire process made me want to cry, before, during, after – all for different reasons. When I was done I wanted to drive to the park or something and just enjoy the day as it heated up. I wanted to be alone and feel sorry for myself for getting old and having parts of my body fail for no apparent reason. I didn’t get to do that because I had to get home and get back to work. (Now my arm is in terrible pain from the shot and all hopes of finally getting to plant my annuals is out the window for this weekend). How is it almost the weekend and I have not been in the garden yet? It’s a tragedy)

2. I worked well past my quota of hours for this week and once again sacrificed the other things I want to be doing for work. Why do I do that? Grrrrr.

3. I picked up my children from school (that’s nothing new) and they proceeded to have a pissing contest about which one of them had a worse day. My son claims to have had four horrible things happen to him and my daughter would not even describe what happened to her, but it was, most assuredly, “worse than anything that happened to you”. They were both angry and our choice for the evening seemed to be “sit in silence or argue. They went their separate ways and then Jim and I went to the hardware store to get some random stuff for projects around the house.

I’m gonna stop there.. That’s not a list. That’s three long ranting paragraphs and NOTHING really needing to be remembered. My arm hurts and all I want to do is put on my pajamas and sink into the couch next to my love. As for the writing – I think I really just want to write about #1 more and maybe tomorrow I will (hopefully with less ranting). Yes – Tomorrow I will. A girl can dream anyway.

Ciao for Now,

~Miss SugarCookie


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