2019-06-10 Housewife Life

It’s the second or third day in a row I don’t feel I’ve anything to write about. I haven’t really been on the treadmill either. My mind has melded the two some how.

It’s almost 9pm and I’m sitting with my kitten in the greenhouse. I had a pretty productive day, you know, being a “housewife”. What does that stupid term mean anyway. When you marry someone you don’t marry their house. Or do you? 😱

I just looked up the term “Housewife” in the Urban Dictionary. Wow – that’s some funny stuff! I also looked it up at dictionary.com and I quote “Sometimes Offensive. a married woman who manages her own household, especially as her principal occupation.”

I knew there was a reason I was offended by the term. It says it is sometimes offensive (other times presumably not). I guess I can’t technically be classified as a housewife yet because I am not married. 😱

That’s right kids, that means I’m getting the milk for free.

Anyway, I did get milk today, plus all the other groceries for the whole crew for a week. I did my other chores and went to Jazzercise and also finished organizing the garage closet. I also did some extra cleaning because my co-workers are coming over for dinner tomorrow night. Not my “housewife” co-workers (which sounds interesting, maybe even a little Big Love-ish), but I digress. It’s my company co-workers who are in town for a clinical validation this week which I’m not participating in because miss “Has her cake and eats it too” is not doing that sort of thing right now. She’s trying on “housewiving” to see if it fits.

This is all fascinating, I’m sure. I know my cat is bored to tears with all of it, it’s making her sleepy. 🐱💕😴

Time to call it a night.

Sweet Dreams,

~Miss SugarCookie

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