2019-07-03 The More the Merrier

When blending families people encounter all sorts of trials and each new season, holiday, and situation can reveal something new. I’m not quite sure if the seed was already planted somewhere in our subconscious but I do believe I know how this weeks drama happened so fast. What I’m talking about is our decision to adopt another furry friend into our often chaotic household.

On Sunday we were picking up one of the kids from a friends house and the Humane Society just happened to be on the way. We stopped to check out the kitty cats. That day we didn’t have a ton of time, and only had one of the kids with us. We were not even able to stick around long enough to meet any kitty.

However, when my daughter woke up on Monday, I suggested we go back and she immediately had stars in her eyes. That time it was just her and I.

That’s when we first met “Larry”. I had seen Larry the previous day and he didn’t have a lot of info on the tag outside his cage. The person working the room told us it was because he was a stray. He was one of the only cats who was not a kitten and was still awake and alert and came to the edge of the cage for a scratch from us. We had already agreed ‘no kittens’. We may be a little cray-cray but having a kitten is like inviting a seriously crazy person into your house to wreck the furniture and keep you awake all night. No thanks!

We filled out the form so we could spend some QT with him in a room, just to see what his personality was like. He was a little timid in the room and visibly freaked out but eventually came to us for more scratches. We knew we wanted a chill cat who would sit on our laps and in my experience, that’s kind of rare. One of our current kittens, Kayla, who is 4 years old sit on my lap but only for a hot minute and she won’t sit on anyone else’s. She also does not really like to be picked up.

Our other cat, Emma, is 8 years old and a wild one. She’s afraid of people and won’t even come out of hiding most days. She will also fight you to the death if you try to pick her up. She is used to us, of course, and gets her snuggles at night since she sleeps in the bed with us. One could say she’s our night kitty and Kayla is our day kitty. We will have to see how “Larry” will change the dynamic in the house.

He definitely met all of our criteria, good personality, male, and different coloring from our other two. They had shaved the bottom of his two hind legs and was apparently injured when they brought him in. He didn’t seem to have issues walking and whatever it was is clearly on the mend. I guess whatever it was was bad enough they previously considered amputation and his chart was pretty thick for only being at the Humane Society for 3 weeks.

Z and I left and didn’t really meet any other cats. Then when Jim got home from work we told him about “Larry” and he said we should all go back, which is exactly what we did. The two of us and 3 of the 4 kids piled in the car and headed back. They put us back in the creepy cat meeting room (a temporary space since the main building is being renovated) and took turns giving a little love to Mr. “Larry”.

Of course we agreed that we would change the name. Since he was a stray the staff just picks a name when they come in. I never would have guessed that deciding on a name would cause such grief among the kids. No one like the other peoples names and everyone was visibly upset. All that went down right in the middle of the place just before we finished the paperwork. One of the kids went outside, one felt guilty for the disagreement, and the third just kept suggesting other names. Good grief!

When we got home, we set him up in my sons room for a 48 hour transition period, which is where he is still at now, sequestered away from the other cats. Our current plan is to keep them separate through the night tonight and then do introductions tomorrow.

Jim and I had to make a command decision about the name to avoid anymore hurt feelings among the kiddos and he will henceforth be named “Doug”. Or Douggie, or dig-dug, or Duggles, or Douglas. Something like that. 😜

We’re super stoked about this addition to the family. Here’s to hoping the rest of the transition is drama free (fat chance).

Round and round,

~Miss SugarCookie

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