2019-08-09 A Whole Lotta Starting Going On

Getting a late start with my everything today. What I mean to say is, I’ve started a lot of things and had a lot of distractions and not made it to the end of anything. I was up again at 5am, working on a little writing project that’s proving to be more of a challenge than it needs to be, but I got hit with some inspiration and didn’t want to waste it.

I started working my way through that endeavor and didn’t finish. I had to stop to make breakfast.

Instead of getting back to that after, I started organizing one of our kitchen drawers. Cuz that drawer has been bugging me for months no time like the present.

That led me to the garage. Most of the things in the kitchen drawer belong in a drawer in the garage. The garage organization, by the way, is quite a disaster. It needs me. It really needs me and so I said “ok”, let’s start this today too.

An hour deep in that mess (you have to get everything out and sort and count it – it’s the only way), and I realize I have some other things I started yesterday that we’re left undone. Some should have been done already. I put the clothes in the dryer on “refresh”. Why is that so urgent now?

I realize it’s been a few days since I had a shower, so I guess that’s one thing I started and finished today. Yay for clean hair.

I started another poem that hit me while I was folding laundry and I followed that thread of thought and that’s two more things that have not been finished.

I really wanted to get some walking in and so I’m in the basement now, but I won’t get to finish that either because I’ll need to leave shortly for a lunch date. Chances are, I’ll both start and finish eating lunch (I’m starving) so I’ll give myself a gold star for that.

I don’t feel too bad, because forward progress is not nothing and I’m grateful to wake up and have another opportunity to start.

The sky is really blue outside today and I have two good eyes to see it. It’s time now for me to do that. Perhaps I’ll finish this blog post later…

Cheers to Friday!

~Miss SugarCookie


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