2019-08-14 Wednesday Wanderings

Yesterday was one wild day (mostly in my mind). It started with that early morning emotional upheaval in my brain and I was sort-of charged up most of the day. Though not charged up enough to write anymore after 9am. I also tried to read in the afternoon and my brain would not have it. I had about 3 songs stuck in my head and it drove me a little batty.

I went to a Jazzercise class and about 3 songs in the power to the building cut out. They are doing construction on the street along that commercial complex and when we stopped and looked out, even the streetlights were out. Oops!

The room they have daycare in was completely dark, so those moms had to grab their kids and go. Most of the rest of us stayed. No speakers for music, no A/C, and no fans. It was hot and quiet. She did a great job improvising, turning the volume on her device all the way up and we danced our way through on her instruction. Strangest class ever, but I needed it. It was my first time back in about a month. I’m going again today (the power is back on).

I spent the rest of the day on catching up on things around the house and outside, which seems to be a never-ending set of tasks. I also was doing my best to make sure the kids were ready for their first day back to school which is today. That didn’t really amount to much. They are pretty independent.

My Z is now driving and so my back and forth commutes may be a thing of the past. I wonder if that means my morning trips to genesis fitness are over too? I sort of miss that place. Lots of familiar faces, The Man in Black, and all the Steve’s. I also miss the dry sauna. I may have to go this winter just to warm up.

I guess yesterday wasn’t that strange. My head was just in a weird place.

The kids going back to school means more time during the days and evenings for me to focus on my own things. It has been a really long time in my life that the priority has been school and not work. I’ve always done both at the same time, when I have been in school which hasn’t been really all that much. But when I have been taking classes, my time was always most devoted to work (and family). This will be a very different experience.

Aside from my responsibilities here at home, I can pour the rest of me into what I’m reading and writing and learning. Sadly, i still have to keep myself on task or I will start to drift. I mean, it’s been a week since I put any effort into my craft paper and the next draft with 5-8 more pages is due in 9 days. That’s a page a day. I just need to stay on it.

The rotten thing right now is that I don’t want to do it. I’d rather continue with all these creative directions my mind is wandering to and write some more poems. I’ve been quite inspired lately. It’s all important, but if I drift too far from the paper, I’ll be putting myself in a tight spot.

With that I’m cutting my morning walk today to 30 minutes and my time is now up.

Peace, love, and tacos,

~Miss SugarCookie

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