2019-08-23 Nothing to Read Here, Move Along

I feel like I don’t have much of anything worthy of writing about today. Still, I’m on this treadmill trying to walk my way toward something. Ironic right?

What about last night? Another rough one and I tried like four different places in the house to sleep. I’m trying to use the Xanax more sparingly and it seems I may have developed a bit of a dependency. I haven’t had any this week and my sleep length and quality have both been shit.

Oh well, oh well.

What about today? I’ve got a lunch Meetup with Miss Margret and have to put the finishing touches on my packet 1.0 and accompanying comments so that I’m prepared to send that off. Ironically, in my year+ in the program I’ve never been more ready and my mentor reached out to me this week requesting I delay it until Sunday morning. Go figure.

Other than that my day is going to be a total snore-fest. Perhaps I should just consider taking a big fat cat nap and try and catch up on some of that missing sleep. I’ve done so many things from my to-do list this week I’m literally getting to the bottom. Of course, there’s a ton of larger house projects I could start, and I should not get too excited about the bottom of the list, cuz, that’s bad ju-ju.

As soon as I start dancing a jig about being all caught up, the universe will toss me a curve ball and all of it will change again. Whatever, I just need to enjoy not having anything that HAS to get done today.

What about this weekend? I’m expecting a very low-key couple of days. Nothing on Saturday and lunch with my mom and sister on Sunday. Sometime we’ll probably take the kids out for a nice meal to celebrate my birthday since they go back to their dads house Monday and I won’t get to spend any QT with them that day.

Just as well as class for me on Campus starts Monday and so that will probably be primary on my mind that day.

See… proof I don’t have much to muse about today since I’m already into next week. Time to switch gears I guess and go get that packet wrapped up.

I told you so,

~Miss SugarCookie

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