2019-08-26 It’s THAT Day Again…

… You know the one…

It’s Cheeseburger Monday.

It’s raining outside so I don’t have to water day.

It’s listen to your favorite tunes day.

It’s the day we cut zinnias from the garden to fill vases in strategic places throughout the house (and yes, you will get wet from the rain – but you must do it anyway).

It’s treat yourself to Starbucks day, but don’t dare order pumpkin-spice latte cuz it’s not THAT day yet.

It’s make a to-do list day.

It’s get your steps and do that Jazzercise thing you do day.

It’s read a book day AND write some poetry day. YAY!!

It’s hang out with the cats and take a nap day.

It’s the perfect day to say thank you.

And pay it forward.

And ask for what you want from life.

And give some hugs, if that’s your thing or perhaps a fist bump instead.

It’s sing a little song and dance a jig day.

It’s call your mom day, or whoever, just reach out.

It’s don’t tell me what to do day so you can ignore all of this stuff. But I hope you don’t.

It’s the perfect day to be grateful to be alive.

Time is a gift.. don’t waste it!

Much Love,

~Miss SugarCookie

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