2019-09-06 What Part of the Tornado is the Best Place to Start?

That’s a trick question silly. It’s all just a whirlwind of debris circling in a greenish haze, hunting for places to land. Dropping houses on wicked witches is so out of fashion now, something different is necessary.

But seriously, this has been one crazy week and I can’t even begin to try and describe the highs and lows and do the universe any justice. The short story is, it’s all right now.

On Wednesday I totally lost my shit and was off the rails and finally, FINALLY broke down and had a conversation with Jim about it. He’s such a level headed adult, it kinda made me feel like I was in a session with a mentor or advisor and not my fiancé, but it did the trick.

On Thursday I had a good conversation with a friend of mine which provided me further insight into my historical MO in matters of the heart as well as bringing me further back to reality. It’s good to have people who get you and that you can talk to, who also have shit to deal with in their own life. A good reminder that we are all in this mess called life together.

Thursday afternoon I took care of some procrastinated business with regards to health insurance which was part of an outcome of my conversation with Jim. I absolutely hate dealing with my ex and anything to do with finances with regards to him, so I definitely needed a push to get me to do the right things.

By Thursday evening I was dealing with some other parental things I’ve put off for too long – conversations with my darling daughter and that turned out better than expected. We talked for nearly 2.5 hours solid, shared some stories, had a good cry, and made a plan for the weekend.

Then today.. today I did some necessary revisions on some poetry, composed communications to my mentor for the semester, and dove in on some of the handouts from my class which I’m sure will come up in discussions when we meet on Monday. I also met-up with a friend for happy hour drinks and apps and that was good too.

I feel miles away from Wednesday now, and the “inbred thinking” that put me on the edge of a very scary cliff. No, it was not ALL in my head and it is certainly not ALL resolved (if only life were that easy), but after connecting the dots with the other humans I am sharing space with, it is definitely not as overwhelming or dire. That’s proof people – people need people!! Be kind to one another. Smile and say hi.

I’ve got a lot of things to get done this weekend.. executing plans with Z and C and Jim, more reading and writing to do for class, and probably – I dunno – washing more dishes??!!😜

That’s the Happy FriYay SugarCookie Edition for today.
Now let’s get crackin’,
~Miss SugarCookie

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