2019-09-26 Thirty Minute Thoughts

(Yes.. 3rd time today but, you just gotta do it when you can you know??!!)…

Crossing from Houston to Austin there’s more city than not-city and the plane is so low we never go above the clouds. I can see the ground below us the entire time, from my window. An error made by someone. I was supposed to have the aisle seat but a man was in my seat. When I came to the row I gestured and he got out into the aisle instead of moving into the row closer to the window. I didn’t question it, I just slid into the window seat. I like the window best. When the third person arrived, he took the middle seat without question. I guess some things are meant to be.


It gets more difficult every year to remember how old my siblings are. My brother’s birthday was yesterday and I only know he’s two years older than I am. I really had to think ‘how old am I again’ to calculate his age. Then I felt it in my brain.. yup, I guess that means we’re old.


Amidst the chaos of this week, my wedding dress arrived. It came in an impossibly tiny box. So strange. I tried it on and it fits (the last one didn’t). I know my friends are going to want to see it… I don’t have a picture of it, or me i it. I suppose I can show them a picture of it from the online store I bought it from. Ha!


Flying over Austin now and I can see the shadow of the plane on the ground. Crossing the dry brush and dirt roads, cookie cutter neighborhood houses, dense collections of trees until finally.. runway. Home away from home at last!!

Now.. to the baggage claim,

~Miss SugarCookie

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