2019-10-25 The No-Update Update

It’s been like 5 days since I wrote anything. It’s been a crazy week! I’ve got tons of stuff I want to write about but no time right now and my mind is having a hard time deciding what to say with the few minutes I have left on the treadmill before I have to cut and run.

There’s wedding updates, cheeseburgers to talk about, more health and healthcare updates, writing updates, not to mention Jim’s birthday yesterday. Where does one start? I think the answer at this point is nowhere.

What I need is a few solid hours to sort things out and today doesn’t look like a candidate for that. I haven’t done shit for exercise all week because of other priority business and so today I’m going to triple dip on that. I’ve been missing my steps and my Jazzercise, which is what I’m heading off to here in a hot minute.

Guess all those updates will have to wait. I’ll sub in a picture today instead since pictures are worth a thousand words.

This is Mr. Doug… who has finally finished his Halloween costume (just in time too!!).

Peace and Love till Next Time,

~Miss SugarCookie

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