2019-11-01 Friday Toy Boxes, Writers Blocks, and Botox

I’ve been kinda going through a dry spell with regard to my writing. Some would say that’s just a cop out. Some would say you just have to write everyday and the words will come. Some others might say that it’s ok and when it comes again be ready. I’m not sure what camp I’m in. I guess I’ve always had commitment issues.

I guess it’s a good thing I got married when I was too young and stupid to realize how daunting commitment can be. I guess it’s lovely to be young and not so broken by life that doubts dance all around and pop out from behind corners and couches when you least expect them.

I swear I was once a hopeless romantic but reality has a way of twisting that princess dream, folding it into a childhood treasure box and closing a lid on it. I suppose it’s good fortune if it’s still in the closet somewhere and didn’t get hauled down the driveway for some random garage sale like the rest of my childhood treasure. Yeah, at lest some peace from my past remains. Safe and Tucked away for another rainy day.

Where is this going? The Universe only knows. What other secrets have yet to be revealed? I sure as hell don’t know. I don’t think anyone does.

Another week is coming to a close and another month begins. It’s really easier to be a the beginning or ending of anything than somewhere lost in the middle. Perhaps that’s why I’m feeling good today despite my so-called writers block.

Im reading Terrance Hayes’s book, “American Sonnets for My Past and Future Assassin”. The latest assignment is to attempt my own set of sonnets which I have so far failed miserably at. It’s a block I’ve had with other assignments this semester and it always seems to work out OK so I’m hoping this is no exception. I guess time will tell.

What about Botox? Yeah.. I’ve tried it. It’s like holding ones forehead facial expressions hostage. People always tell me I wear my emotions on my face. I never mastered hiding my surprise, disgust, or joy. Perhaps botox will make me appear mysterious in some way. And level the playing field somewhat; I’m not great at reading people.

That’s it for todays alliterative drivel.

Happy November!

~Miss SugarCookie

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