2019-11-06 Strange Things are Afoot at the Castle S

This morning I woke with a weird feeling. Something strange is afoot in the land of the SugarCookie. The stars have aligned and like a total eclipse, something is about to happen which has rarely happened before.

I’m talking about the fact that the kids are all at their other homes and Jim is leaving on business and I’ll be alone for four whole days. Sure, I lived alone for like 9 years where I frequently had the house to myself for days and entire weekends, but here, at the castle, it will be very different. Or at least that is what I’m imagining.

Since moving here last January I’ve not spent the night alone in the house. I’ve never even been alone for an entire day. Jim has gone on business trips, but I’ve always gone with him. The kids and their wacky schedules have made it so that there’s also usually someone else here too. Not only have I had to adjust with the move, the constant goings-on, but also my new role as keeper of the house.

Keeper of the house is loose translation for taking care of all the dishes, litter boxes, fishes, floors, kittens, lost socks, trash bins, gardens, toilets, and side walks. Did I mention the dishes. Good god! Is it sad I’m looking forward to not doing dishes for four days. Yeah, it is. I don’t care.

What will I do with myself for four days? I mean besides work and catch up on school stuff? Will I read a book or binge watch a show? Both of those things seem enticing. I’ll prolly try to arrange for some fun outing on the weekend but I have no idea what that would be. There’s probably some spoken word thing going on somewhere right?

Yup.. it’s going to be just me and the kitty cats trying on different hats and just like that, I’m sure, the time will disappear.

Of course I made myself a little to-do list of things I want to get accomplished. That’s my MO. With all things, balance is key. Moderation is also important. And I need to remind myself however much I do or don’t do, just try to enjoy it. I want to make the most of my time all the time.

Gotta cut and run now if I’m going to make it to Jazzercise.

Cheers to Strange Happenings,

~Miss SugarCookie

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