2019-11-28 Attitude of Gratitude

It’s thanksgiving and I’m feeling pretty good today. My friend Leah teaches Jazzercise and I wanted to take her superset class today which is 1.5 hours of cardio via dance mixx with some strength sets with free weights. I made a point to get up in time to get my ass out the door and be there by class start time. 8:30am.

When I rolled up there were about 35 cars in the lot and it’s a holiday and all the other businesses are closed so I knew it was going to be a problem. I did a loop in front of the building and the dance floor was wall to wall Jazzercisers stretching and getting ready to start. I. Just. Can’t do that. I drove home.

I like class when there is about 5-10 people. That kind of crowd (especially trying to dance) is not my jam. Too many people!

I’m now on the treadmill trying to make up for all the exercise I haven’t gotten this week. I suppose I can try to hit another class tomorrow. I’m just grateful I have a treadmill to walk on since it’s also really too cold outside for getting steps in there. Jim is getting his workout in too so that’s the bonus plan.

You know, I try to be grateful for my life and the people in it as much as I can, so this day is really no different. I kind of think about it the same way I always do with Valentine’s Day. Whatever sentiment is there should exist always and linger long after whatever a single day of the year can bring.

As good as things are for me right now, I’ve still had a few rough weeks of being low and doubtful and feeling sort of rejected, in multiple ways. The last few days have been slightly better and I’m hoping it will keep getting better into December.

Today my kids are going with their dad to his family festivities and that always makes me a little melancholy. We’re going to my sister’s place where my mom will also be and my sisters fiancé and his brother and parents. It will be a quaint little feast and I’m not required to bring anything so it’s like easy-easy. My sister lives a gluten-free lifestyle and so I made her gluten-free Chex mix, but that’s my only contribution. After that we will stop by to say hi to Jim’s parents. Should be a very chill day.

I’m kinda glad his family isn’t doing a thing so we don’t have to rush around to several places. I’m also glad to have a nice long weekend with Jim. We live in the same house but sometimes it feels like we barely see each other. We are hosting a holiday gathering at our house for his office one week from tomorrow and all the chores we have planned for this weekend focus on that. I’m hoping that once we get past that we can focus on the wedding a little more because some of my recent angst really has to do with me feeling alone on a wedding planning island.

See, I want to be grateful, but the day wants what the day wants. I keep trying to find a positive note but then end up thinking about the next thing that’s sort of bothering me. I think my mood has shifted four times since starting this post. I’m not inclined to keep writing if this teeter-totter mood is going to persist.

I hope you all have a great holiday and get to spend some relaxing quality time with the ones you love or at the very least have a satisfying meal and a fat cat nap!


~Miss SugarCookie

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