2019-12-11 An Infestation of Peanut Butter Christmas Mice

Why? Because Baby it’s cold out there and the mice have scrambled around looking for nooks to squeeze into the house, under the foundation, cracks between brick and wood and drywall and now!?.. Now they are in the walls and scurrying above our heads in the rafters and finding places to huddle together and nest down. In the wee hours of morning before the cats are up they are hunting for food. Their tiny little claws scrape in the ceiling above my bed and infest the darkness and always when I wake I hear them, busy going to and fro.
I’m restless with their ta-ta-ta-ta-ta and sure that come Christmas their numbers will be out of control. Who will save me from this madness? Who will rescue me from the peanut butter Christmas Mice? Some unlikely hero, perhaps? Some fine carpenter or Italian plumber dressed in blue and red? Or maybe his taller, more clever cousin ready with a wrench and a brilliant idea?
“A poem about cat’s” he’ll declare, “Is just the thing that will fix this sickly sweet peanut butter predicament”. I will trust him. I will have no other choice.
The last 24 hours have been interesting. Interesting is a word people use to describe something when there are no other words or perhaps lots of words would be required but the right combination can’t be determined in the exact moment that a description is needed. Like now.
Instead of leaving it as “interesting”, I will include a list of events and perhaps you, my dear reader, can figure out what other words you would use to describe the last day in the life of this Christmas cookie girl.
  • I did the jazzercise thing and there is nothing interesting about that – satisfying perhaps but not interesting.
  • I finished another assignment for my seemingly endless Poetry Studio class. One more down and two to go. The word for this one is exhausting only because I’m quite over it already and ready to be done-done.
  • Fetched my son from school. That was enjoyable. We are having a good week despite the recent woes with school and troubles at his other household. We came home to an empty house and were both able to take naps. Quite restorative.. Huzzah!
  • My dinner date flaked out on me (which is like the 4th time this person has forgotten or been too busy). I would say it was disappointing, but given the next item on my list, I hardly had time to think on it.
  • Identity Theft – I Opened the mail last night and found two letters (forwarded from my previous address) which basically were denials for credit cards/cash advances that I had applied for. Oh no I didn’t!!! What? Through several hours of investigating online (and also digging through my current paper recycle bin, I discovered that my identity has indeed been stolen. According to my credit reports (I pulled from all three agencies), the thieves did indeed meet with success in opening a Bank of America credit card but luckily it was only a few days ago so no charges had been made yet. I was able to catch it in time and put a “fraud” flag on my accounts with those agencies so that no more hard or soft inquiries might be made without me being notified and extra information being required to open a new account. This was three very valuable hours of my life and had a very good lesson. Pay attention, monitor your credit reports, and if you are someone like me, keep that high-alert flag on at all times. I mean there really is no reason to not require the extra security. And I don’t need any new accounts. Whoever did this created a fake email and used my old address and the two places that denied them were Bank of the West and Barclays for a Hawaiian airlines credit card. Good gravy!! The word for this one.. Valuable!
  • All that consumed most of the evening and so as we hunkered down for some couch time and TV it was one episode of “The Crown” and done. Still, that was nice.
  • At 2AM we were urged awake by my daughter notifying us that the alarm system was going off. We scrambled up and Jim went to check the house while I answered the phone call from the security company. If you don’t answer, they put a call in to the police. I was so dazed and confused I could not remember the secret password that they use to know it’s an authorized person answering the phone and not an intruder. I might be OK in emergency situations but apparently not if I’m woke from a dead sleep. Once we figured out the problem (and found no cats had escaped the back door which had been blown ajar from the wind) we went back to bed. When I woke this morning it almost felt like a dream – only we all had the same dream.
  • Today was my son’s check-up with his endocrinologist which is every six months until he’s an adult. He’s got a thyroid autoimmune disorder called Hashimotos wherein his body does not make enough hormone. His check was fine and he’s on really the smallest dose of daily hormone a person can be prescribed (the doc said a baby amount), so he just needs a little boost to keep his levels normal. We followed that visit with our tradition of stopping for a bite to eat before going to school. That just means he got two breakfasts today, but a growing boy should have that if he’s going to keep growing! It was more good QT with just him and I which is nice.
  • I could barely keep my eyes open driving home and decided a nap was in order. So yeah, 10AM and I went back to bed which is really strange. I slept for an hour and then woke with a strange dream. The dream was me sleeping and not being able to stay awake, so that was weird. It was like I was dreaming about sleeping. Sleeping in my dream, and being all groggy. Then I woke up and was all groggy. Happy to wake and find my cat Doug nestled beside me surely protecting me from all the peanut butter mice that are trying to make a home in my walls. Or perhaps that was part of the dream too. I dunno.
That brings me almost to this very moment, sitting in my kitchen with my laptop, which is far from interesting. I realize that after making that list that I’ve fallen asleep and woken up at least 4 times in the last 24 hours. I think I might have a problem. Perhaps that should be more concerning than the mice. Or maybe the mice are the cause of the problem. 😉
Perpetual Nap Hunter,
~Miss PeanutButterMouseCookie
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