2020-01-16 Too Much Thinking and Not Enough Action

I’ve got to be quick today as I’ve only got about 20 minutes before I have to be out the door. Truth is, after breakfast I laid back down and didn’t really fall back asleep but fell instead into a thought pattern which apparently sped up time. Before I knew it, I’d been laying there for like half an hour.

I suppose if I’d fallen asleep that would be ok. I really need more sleep. I really do. But I didn’t. I just laid there thinking about all the things.

(16 days to go, by the way…)

I was thinking about:

My lunch with Jackson yesterday and his full court press to get a wedding invite (of which I have no physical invites left to spare).

My worry that my photographer is going to flake out as he’s an acquaintance from a past life.

How I’ve really not got anything substantial to do today so I should work on my manuscript but don’t think I can find the focus for that.

The reading/fund raiser I’d like to go to tonight but it will be me flying solo again because Jim’s day is all jammed up with work stuff.

I’m about to marry that life. The oft single doctor’s wife. The never first priority life. The do what you want when you want but don’t hold your breath for anything else life. Yeah, I’m about to be that wife. Am I ready for that? Who is ever ready for anything really?


Despite getting almost everything done on my Monday-Wednesday to-do list, I’m still feeling super unproductive. Why is that?

I dunno. Time to go anyway so forget about it. Whatever it is, it will be different tomorrow.


~Miss SugarCookie

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