2020-01-22 Scattertrain Snowday

Scattertrain is what happens when you cross a fast moving train with some highly caffeinated thought patterns.

By now I’m sure anyone who reads this blog (my sincere gratitude to you kind souls 😘😘) that the subject of the wedding is wearing thin. Truly, though, it is what it is and I can’t help it if it’s like on the top of the pile of all the thoughts in my crazy brain.

(10 days to go 😱).

Right now we are on the cusp of being able to see exactly what the forecast is for our big party weekend. It looks like it’s going to be a white wedding. For real!

It’s snowing right now and school was called off. I’m planning to go to Jazzercise and hoping that’s not cancelled too. All those times they urged to get on the text notification list for weather and other last minute class cancellations which I completely ignored. Now I’m all like “huh, maybe I should have signed up for that?!”.

No matter, I’ve got lots of errands to run today and me and the Jeepie are goinna have a good time playing in the snow. 😊

My daughter came down the stairs this am just as Jim was wrapping breakfast and we just stared at her and smiled. She’s all like “What.. where’s Cooper”.

I said “he’s still sleeping”.

She’s like “wut?” With a look that let us know the lightbulb had just gone off. Then she said “wut.. no school? No way. No fair!”.

I’m like “yeah, don’t you hate it when you could have slept in and didn’t,” with a wink. She sat on the stairs and started texting her peeps (not the local ones I presume). Shrug. That’s what happens when they don’t make the call till 6am.

She went back to bed, Jim went to work, and I continued with my duties as resident princess in charge. Yeah, I thought about that this morning. I do chores like cooking and cleaning like Cinderella and feed the squirrels and birds and fish and all manner of other creatures like Snow White. This morning I crushed up some old tortilla chips and braved the backyard to fill up the bowl we keep out for the squirrels. It’s probably not smart to feed the outdoor animals because they can start to depend on the food for survival, but it’s fun to put the bowl right next to the window for the cats to watch. 😜

Anyway, I sleep like sleeping beauty, swim in my pool like The little mermaid and have my own personal gene granting my every wish. You get the point. I’m like all the princesses in one package. If there was a princess that was a poet and also did IT work as a side gig, I’d already have claim to that name. And pretty soon, I’ll be the princess that’s also a production editor at a new online lit magazine.

Keep that last bit on the DL as that little fashion nugget is a secret between you and me. Not sure how much of a secret but whatever. I’m just playing a behind the scenes role in that, trying to stay out of the spotlight and line of sight for now. The idea is still only 1/4th baked at this point and probably will stay that way until the dust settles on the whole wedding thing.

Still, I have a few tasks on my to-do list that are domain name and website launch related. It’s like I’ve been prepping for this thing for like the last 10 years of my life. I’m pretty sure I started my first WordPress in 2010 (thanks to Vis!! 😘) and have been messing with blogs and themes ever since. Still, I like to stick with a minimalistic approach, so the focus stays on the content.

Wow.. that was a serious tangent and not at all where my brain was at when I started walking today.

I’ve got more to pour over but it’s going to have to wait. I’m gonna give myself some extra time out on the roads this AM. It’s gonna snow all day I think.

Keeping it Frosty,

~Miss SugarCookie

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