2020-03-11 Desperately Asking the Universere for the Following…

#1. A day when I start writing this blog and don’t automatically type 2019 first, then have to backspace to fix it. I would even take a pause and typing the correct year the first time as a good compromise.

#2. Some ability to have 20 uninterrupted hours in a row to get one whole god dammed set of shit done. 20 hours all mine. Greedy little me.

#3. To stop thinking about all the sets of all the shits in rapid and random succession continuously when I’m supposed to be falling asleep.

#4. Maybe to have less sets of shits to think about (see #2 and #3) – OR – at the very least not have two new sets of shits added to the pile of shits every time I get close to finishing one set of shit.

#5. To want to give more shits about the outcome of the presidential race than the bachelor. For Realz.

#6. Remember when I complained about going to the grocery store? I’m asking the Universe to grant me a day pass to leave the house. Who does a girl have to sleep with around here for that? (Bad joke, poor taste, my blog, I don’t care).

#7 To email a person I have no business emailing to ask them if they are OK and to tell them I hope they are OK and that I don’t want or need anything from them. Just to be nice for the sake of being nice you know, and not always only needy like so many human beings (myself included are). This might really be my way of saying I wish I was less needy. Or maybe it’s not.

#8 To take the medicine prescribed for sleeping and have it actually work at shutting off my brain. Instead, my brain is a thought machine that is really stubborn when it comes to giving up apparently and can’t help but be really enthusiastic RIGHT NOW about all the piles of shit.

#9 To keep this blog post short enough so folks don’t get bored and click elsewhere. Probably too late for that.

Tune in tomorrow where/when I reveal exactly how many piles of shits I’m dealing with and how I truly feel about each one. Or don’t. The universe runs on chaos theory so why should human beings be any different?

In the morning, I will swear the sleep medication made me write this.

Not Responsible,

~Miss SugarCookie

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