2020-04-14 A Few Words Can Make All the Difference

It’s amazing how one conversation can make all the difference. The impact a few words can have in changing your mood, your perspective, and your direction is incredible.

Yesterday did not go as planned (surprise, surprise), yet one conversation I had with a friend of mine, Miss Michelle, was all it took for me to feel better about some of the things I’m putting my time and effort in.

I want to shine a light on this idea. I mean, in the context of what I was dealing with, which was struggling to find my own purpose and meaning and value with regard to the starting of a new online literary magazine, her words did wonders. It has to do with support and encouragement and solidarity. She had such great input and it was clear, that we understood each other.

I definitely have a vision for what I want this platform for words to be. I want it to be inclusive and revealing. I want it to be compelling and provocative, but probably, above all, I want it to spark those conversations that make all the difference in a persons life. I want people to be moved at having their words find a home and I want the readers to be moved when reading them. Connecting writers and readers to elevate everyone who actively participates.

I want to be Moved to laugh, and cry, and have that voice inside that says “YES!!!” after reading. As I’ve discovered in my own study of poetry, the mark of a good poem is one that lingers in the mind of the reader and urges them to return to it to read again and again.

I don’t know yet how to articulate this in a succinct way, but in a few short weeks (and with that conversation yesterday), it’s clear that I don’t have to and I’m not alone. The others who are with me in this are just as passionate and have a lot to contribute. I’m seeing it developing before my eyes and I’m excited about that. It’s really going to happen!

The conversation I had last night inspired me to get back into Submittable and keep doing research. Both for ideas for the lit mag and also for homes for my own words.

It’s actually a time consuming process. I’m not in the habit of trolleying around the internet looking at online publications but that’s kind of the prerequisite for finding places to submit. There’s a lot of niche publications out there and the writing I find in a lot of places doesn’t mesh with the kinds of poems I’m currently writing.

I did end up finding a great website / publication that I think is a good fit and so I spent some time thinking about the poems I’d send and reading all over their site. One of the things that struck me besides the excellent writing was the beautiful format and well thought out supporting content. I was like “this is next level”. And I want our website to kick ass like that!

Anyway, I put together a cover letter with my bio and did the submit thing. Six more of my babies sent out into the Wild world. Can they make it? Can they survive? Will they thrive? We’ll see.

Today I’m re-energized. It’s exciting and even if I get rejection. I’m doing it!! I’d estimate it takes about 1-2 hours to do a thorough job when submitting. I’d like to up my goal to like 2 or 3 submissions per week. If I’m truly supposed to reduce my work hours, that should not be a problem.

Funny how my boss tells me to limit my hours to 15 a week and then my PM keeps me on the phone for like 5 hours yesterday. It’s the first day of the week and I’ve already used up a third of my hours. 🤷‍♀️

There is so much out of control In the world, a girl can only do the best she can. And if that means letting go of some things, I need to find peace in that. Perhaps letting go is not the right phrase. Perhaps it is the finding peace that’s the important part to focus on.

With that, it’s time for me to find whatever peace (and balance) this day has hiding in the hours to come.

With Much Love,
~Miss SugarCookie


2 responses to “2020-04-14 A Few Words Can Make All the Difference”

  1. It’s really, so wonderful to read this post… We all feel the same thing and wait for some magic to uplift us.. Kindness, appreciation are magic acts.. Really empower us.. Best of luck for your endeavours

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