2020-07-06 Not Ready for Monday

I’ve had a lovely string of satisfying days, despite the interruption of so many aggressive firework fiends on the loose.

I really needed the holiday weekend to do for myself and forget about work and just enjoy life as a wife.

We tried for a bike ride on the 4th but it was too hot and though it was great to be alone together and get some fresh air and sunshine, the cool comfort of our living room was much more enticing. We were only out on the trail for an hour.

We ended up watching some shows—A few episodes of Dark season three, one episode of a show called unsolved mysteries (I think), and an episode of Star Trek discovery. I also worked on revising some poems with the hope of submitting something. I almost reached the finish line with that. Hopefully I won’t lose my motivation today before I pull done triggers.

We also lit off a handful of fireworks and I was reminded, once again, one of the reasons I hate the holiday. All the constant explosions and noise and thick smoke contesting the air. The only escape is possibly being out of the city. It’s really ridiculous.

I think that got to me. You know.. all of it and I ended up feeling sick with a headache on Saturday night. Laying in bed at 11:40pm, not able to get relief or fall asleep, the fireworks were still going off. It was awful. Sunday was a nice recovery.

My kids come home today and it’s back to business as usual. It’s going to be a super busy work week and I hope I’ve had enough restoration to face that.

I’m actually not feeling inclined to keep walking or trying to think of what to write about this morning. I mean I feel like I have lots to talk about, but nothing feels pressing. Maybe that’s ok.

It’s probably because I’m not feeling like walking either. The advantage of coming down off of the sleep aid medication is that I won’t have any side effects anymore, but the flipside of that coin is that my sleep issues have resurfaced and I have started waking up early and not being able to go back to sleep.

That struggle is real.

However, Monday is rolling and ready or not and I just need to get on it and see where it goes.

~Miss SugarCookie

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