2020-10-24 Saturday Schmatterday

Prolly gonna make quick work of this today since it’s Jim’s birthday and we gotta a whole lotta nothin that needs doing today.

When we woke up today I told Jim I ordered another overcast day so he could sleep in without the sun bugging us to get out of bed. The trade off? It’s like 21 degrees out. Brrrrrr. Coldest temp since last winter.

I remembered at 5am that I forgot to unplug the garden hose from the rain barrel and I hope it’s not ruined.

I’ve got a meeting today with my fellow MFA graduates and am challenging myself to just listen and not say a word. On one hand I’m looking forward to seeing what kinds of things will be proposed and on the other hand I’m so over it. You know that whole saying “icing on the cake.”? This is like the opposite.

Yeah.. bad enough the whole residency is virtual. The graduation ceremony being virtual is just shit on top of a shit sandwich. I just gotta keep my damn mouth shut. Whatever.

What else? Did I mention I miss summer already. I really hate winter. I really really hate being cold. Wow. Really complain-y today and not very inspired.

One of the things on my agenda this weekend besides celebrating Jim’s birthday and putting together the biggest badass cat tower you have ever seen is reading all the poetry that’s come across my GLR desk this reading period thus far. Perhaps I’ll step into the fiction and non-fiction as well. Ed and I have both committed to reading everything to just see what different decisions we might make from our editors. It’s much more feasible to do that this session than last as the numbers of submissions is significantly less this time around.

And get this!!.. two days ago I got a notification of a new poetry submission from my ex husbands fiancé!!! Whoa. I didn’t even know she was a writer. I knew she was a photographer but I’m very interested to see what she’s written. I mean not interested enough to look at it yesterday, but for sure today. 🤣

I’m personally up to like 43 active subs now so we’ll on my way to hitting 50 by the end of October. Then I’ll turn my attention elsewhere and just let that ride for a while (I say as I conspire secretly to set a new goal of like 100.)

I think that’s gonna be it today. Gotta go make birthday breakfast. And coffee!!

Mmmmmm. Saturday!
~Miss SugarCookie

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