2020-11-08 Well Balanced Weekend

Yesterday was a good mix of exercise and conversation, messing around and getting stuff done. We worked on our budget for the household and also drove to an arboretum near our house and wandered around for a little bit exploring and being silly and taking pictures of some of the waning autumn color. I wish I had better pictures to show for that but the light was not great.

I also let myself have a serious cheat day with regard to food and drink and let me tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed that!

We were going to watch a movie too but ended up searching new releases and watching trailers and checking rotten tomatoes and never actually picked one. We just sat there and talked. It was good.

Today isn’t as planned out, but we’ve got a few good ideas to make the most of our Sunday. It’s still amazing outside in regards to temps so part of the day will be spent putting out Christmas decor. Seems like too early, but you gotta capitalize on a 70+ degree temp in November as it’s much better than trying to string lights when it’s freezing. After that we’ll see what there is time for.

I’m wanting to do a little accounting for last week and my stats and also set myself up for success next week.

We’ve kind of had a lazy morning so far and the sun is already almost at its peak. If we’re gonna get anything done outside I’d better wrap this.

Short and Sweet,
~Miss SugarCookie

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