2020-11-23 From Procrastination to Motivation and Beyond

Success so far today. And now I’m back on the treadmill because I can. I did something I’ve been procrastinating (sending GLR declines) and making a dent actually fueled me with motivation to move on a few other things as well.

I had sent in my residency workshop materials but there were a few very new poems that I’ve continued tweaking. I never understand why the materials are due so far in advance of residency. I always want to make changes.

I’m notorious for showing up and asking to swap out one poem for another or a newer version. This time I just did it way earlier than the day we all show up in Nebraska city. Residency is virtual again this time anyway so there is no “showing up.” 

I did request my workshop packet to be mailed to me. I mean, they can send it virtually via email but I love to get mail addressed to me and the first time I got one it felt like Christmas morning and why would I cheat myself out of that when I’m already being cheated out of so much of the experience. It’s a bummer.

I’m quite happy about my poems this time. I’m always pleased with new stuff though and very interested in feedback considering this will be the last feedback I’ll ever get from this MFA workshop process. I mean, unless I ever pay for an enrichment Res or something.

I met Allison for coffee today and that was lovely. I’ll be getting some of her poems with my “Christmas morning” poetry packet. I always enjoy hers. She’s a semester from being done and already has her sights set on a doctorate. That one is gonna be a fantastic professor.

If I had done life differently, I might have gone that way too, Not to be a teacher mind you, but the idea of having a doctorate in creative writing sounds pretty bad-ass. No sense lamenting the path not taken though, so make like Elsa and “let it go.”

What else? I did my Turkey-Day grocery shop run. Which was all the normal weekly groceries plus a turkey and a few potatoes to mash. And pie. There may not be any family gathering save those who already live here but for the love of the Universe there will be pie!

In a hot minute I need to turn my attention to the poetry reading I’m giving and taking from tomorrow night. Gotta finalize my selection and practice. Message me if you want the link.

Thinking about it is already making me sweaty. Why, oh why, did I sign up to do this reading??!! 😱

Ok. It’s been a hot minute.

Until next time,
~Miss SugarCookie

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