2021-03-09 No News Must Be Good News.. Right?

I feel like I don’t have much to say. I felt the same way yesterday. I can’t help but notice that the last few days have been good days. The mood has been positive despite my period showing up three days early and I’m doing good with my goals and have had a nice balance of productivity, exercise, and enjoyable activities. I even meditated yesterday which is something I’ve failed to do on the regular since I declared was adding it to my daily routine. 

So is the fact that things are good the reason for feel like I’ve got nothing to write about, nothing to muse over? Why don’t I feel compelled to write about my daughters birthday or my success with sleep the past couple nights? Even these few paragraphs have felt like a struggle. 

Perhaps it’s Universe’s way of urging me to write outside the box. Why not take the opportunity to read and perhaps be inspired by poetry. After all, I’ve barely written a poem in weeks. I’ve barely read in a couple of weeks also. I get new content in my inbox daily and should switch gears from writing to reading. 

I suppose that means this is it for today. Until next time. 

Peace, Love, and Tacos, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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