2021-05-05 Much Ado About the Fate of the Human Race

Being human is weird. Two days ago I felt hopeless, helpless, and pretty pathetic and this morning I woke up looking forward to the day. Two nights ago I told my husband I think I need a counselor or therapist. He told me I don’t. He said that he and I need to communicate more and make each other more of a priority and I think that is exactly what I needed to hear. It’s also what I wanted to hear.

After vacation a few weeks ago, where we spent the entire time talking and making each other the priority, it was kind of a bummer to get back to reality and realize that I’m at best 5th on his list. The flip side is also true (as be got my own priority and agenda) but he doesn’t seem to need me as much. I’m fairly independent too so most of the time it works out. But I’d just been feeling really inconsequential and I think that was the largest source of my latest bout with being down.

Last night he and I set aside some more dedicated time to talk. And the conversation wasn’t about us, or planning for the future or what’s currently going on. It was just random talking about things like the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the fate of humanity. We talked about dinosaurs, evolution, the age and longevity of our sun and the possibility of folding space in order to travel to other galaxies. And we weren’t even drinking! 🤣

He has a positive outlook on humans’ ability to advance enough scientifically to save ourselves from the consequences of our ruining this planet. I don’t share that view. I’m pessimistic in thinking that the destruction and consumption of all our natural resources is happening too fast to recover. And that we won’t be able to pull our heads out of our proverbial asses long enough to figure out a better way to live. 

He thinks tech will solve. I think maybe it could, but we’re not focused on it. We’re still too focused on power, greed, territory, and control. We need to have a true global economy, stability, and equality socially and financially in a way humans have never achieved before. As a race, we’re still stuck on the “basic needs” rung on the Maslow pyramid. 

America’s leadership is currently grappling with the influx of immigrants into the country and sees it as a problem. It’s not a problem. Let them come. These people want a better life and are escaping horrible conditions. 

We think we can’t handle it. We can. America is huge and so extremely wealthy (not the country itself exactly, but the individual citizens). If we work on equality just a little bit and helping these people find new homes and places to live and be productive, it would actually be a benefit to our country. We need to shift the thinking that these people are “taking our jobs” or draining our resources. Instead, see them as they are—Humans who want to live a meaningful life and make something of themselves and provide for their families.

Sure there will always be a subset of people who will abuse the system but look.. we already have that. What makes the lazy millennial or the American citizen taking advantage of the system any more worthy than an immigrant? Because they just happen to be born here? Nope. 

The solution could also involve trying to resolve whatever is causing the horrific situation these people are trying to escape. I don’t pretend to be educated on what that is, but why don’t we intervene? Again, we have resources. So why? 

Because as a country we don’t get involved? We aren’t in the business of taking over? Because our track record isn’t great? I’m just saying I don’t understand. 

The fact that there are Americans with literally billions of dollars is sickening to me. Take a billion and invest in an impoverished country or community and lift them up. Build a legit business there and give the people a better situation. Clear out the riff-raff and shady, greedy dictators. Dispense with the military made of bad people who rape and murder. Again.. not an expert but it doesn’t seem like rocket science. 

Bringing it back to the equality topic, we’re spiraling out of control. The scramble for a claim on resources ends up spending more resources than anything. Put the money into human capital and science. That’s the only way tech can solve. 

I’m not daft… I know it’s not all as easy as I’m describing. But it’s not impossible either. It can’t be or we are all doomed. Not “we” the billions of humans alive today. “We” the human race and all plants and animals on the planet.

I’m certain of extraterrestrial life. And I hope that “we” can persist enough to confirm this. I hope that when their terra-probe reaches our planet, it’s less like humans researching Mars for signs of long gone life and more of a live communication. It’s an incredible daydream.

Ok.. my time is up. 

Three Cheers for Hump Day, 🎉🎉🎉

~Miss SugarCookie

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