2021-08-08 This is No Way to Begin Again

It’s been a while. 

It’s been the longest break I’ve had since beginning this blog in 2017. 

A few mornings I’ve tried to begin, but have struggled to find anything to write about. Which is not to say I have nothing going on, but the motivation and energy and words have just not been there. I’ve started and stopped and then squirreled away my time on other things. Nothing terribly productive mind you. 

In my last post I was in California and writing about that trip and had full intentions of finishing that series, but time became short and then we traveled home to Nebraska and then the ho-hum life took hold again and where does all the time go? 

And What’s up now? 

My garden is an unruly beast and I’ve barely had time to tend it. We have an AC out and it’s hot as heck in our upstairs. I pushed out another issue of The Good Life Review last weekend and I suppose that took most of my week/weekend. I’ve got rejections piling up and feel unmotivated to submit more. I’m not writing anything new and that’s nothing new sadly. 

But none of this is news. None of it feels worthy of deeper introspection. I need to let it go. 

What am I succeeding at? Getting my exercise in. That’s it. I guess that’s not nothing, but it’s definitely not balanced. 

I feel like a serious bummer today. Not exactly how I wanted to begin again. But you know what I often say… they can’t all be winners. 🙃

What it is.. really.. is a good place to stop. Here’s to hoping I can get my mojo back soon. 

Peace and love,

~Miss SugarCookie

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