2021-09-20 Monday Roll Call

Trending: Princess Beatrice is a mom! But nobody knows who Beatrice is because Gabby’s body might have been found and some Russians are dead too.

Last Saturday was national Cheeseburger day and I missed it. Damn.

I gained another pound since yesterday. It’s an unwelcome trend.

From Genesis Fitness: “It’s Our Birthday.” About every three weeks I get an email from the gym I haven’t been to in two years declaring it’s own birthday. They want to give me a gift but I’ll never know what that is because I open the email.

Three people have updates that Facebook thinks I’ll be interested in. I’m not. 

There’s a new poem from Rattle written by Ted Kooser about a man descending into his cellar to get a jar of peaches. It’s followed by a statement from Ted explaining that he’s 82 and he’s the subject of his own poem. It’s really quite good, of course. 

There’s an old poem from Paris Review that makes no sense. As I read it all I can think is that if someone wrote that poem today, it wouldn’t fly.  I also want to try sending some of my own nonsense poems to Paris to see if they will fly. Someday, maybe. 

There’s more.

There’s always more. 

But it’s kinda like bronchitis and I’ve got a lot to do today. 

Peace and love and all that Jazz, 

~Miss SugarCookie

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