2022-02-23 So.. What’s New With You?

I know, I know… I missed “Two’s day”

It was everywhere, though so I didn’t want to be cliché.

That’s a lie. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not afraid of being cliché; I embrace it like bad poetry. 😜 I am sad I missed posting yesterday and having the opportunity to type that date and then refer back to it for all time!

Truth is, my day yesterday was shit without an ounce of energy to do anything much. And I dedicated my daily tweet to just that.. lamenting about every small thing I was trying to do being a huge drain. Twitter… where all haters go to hate. But it’s a game and I’m playing it. I challenge anyone to ask me how I feel about it. And I pity the fool.. I say I PITY THE FOOL who accepts the challenge (channeling my inner Mr. T there). 

The title of this post is, of course, rhetorical. I mean, isn’t all journaling rhetorical. It’s where the writer asks the questions and then tries to answer them. 

It’s not that I’m not interested in what’s happening with you. I am… so please, if you have something exciting to share, please do let me know. I’ll try to be supportive. I’ll even tweet about it on your behalf (unless it’s a nefarious thing, you know, I’ve got morals). 

So the question, without further ado, is what’s new? 

Funny how on Monday, the answer is nada. But wait a few days and BAM! 

First, the biggest new development. In about two short weeks I’m swagging out of hiding to do a reading with another local Omaha cat, David Mainelli, and the one and only KATE GALE!! <<Clears throat>> the founder and managing editor of the Los Angeles Review and Red Hen Press!! Holy shit people, this is BIG TIME and terrifying! 

It’s like the death combo of public speaking plus high expectations because of the company. I might die!! 

Why do it? Well, it’s a phenomenal opportunity and an honor to be asked. I was giddy sending my reply and will have to coach myself around being terrified. Details (for any local Omaha area peeps) at https://www.facebook.com/events/471397577822014

It’s great promo for me and also the lit mag and makes me want to start “events” pages on both websites. But if I call it “events,” I’m setting up expectations for the future, like there will be more than one. 🤔

Anyway so I guess be expecting more about that soon. 

What else? Well if I say it… I’m committing to another entire post because that’s how many thoughts I have about it. I submitted my current/everchanging manuscript to a handful of publishers late last year and as recently as last week. 

One of them bit. 

That’s a teaser cuz I’m not prepared yet to write that post. But wowza that’s FIRE! 

Ok. That’s it. That’s what’s new. It’s actually enough and I’m graciously asking the Universe to give me time to process and not lose my shit. 

Thanks for reading. 

Peace and love, 
~Miss SugarCookie 

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