2022-06-22 What Would Single Miss SugarCookie Do?

Now that the writing challenge BS is over, I can get back to my shows. Good timing too cuz I think I’m gonna be able to treadmill again soon. This toe injury was a serious bummer, but it did allow me more time for other tasks.

I suppose I should try to keep on writing instead of watching A Million little things or Master chef, but I’m kind of over it. When I say kind of over it, what I mean is I’m really over it.

On Saturday morning I did a poetry workshop I signed up for and it was fine. It was good. But the poem I ended up writing was about how sick I am of poetry and how I just want to forget about it and go play. 

Go play in the garden, around the pool, and hide out in my new little “balcony sanctuary” reading a book. Doesn’t that all sound like a better plan. 

Another good example to highlight just how over this writing business is is the fact I started writing this three days ago. I just don’t have any motivation left. 

And the truth of this moment is that I NEEDED some time on my elliptical machine and just can’t get shows to play on HUlu. So this is my backup cuz I can’t just exercise and Not multitask. 

Soooo… aside from the writing slump, what’s new? The garden is in, the pool is fine, and the book reading is happening. But it’s not all fun and games. There’s definitely some serious adulting going on…

Yesterday a new fraud case was opened at Bank of America on my behalf. Some jackass tried to steal my identity again. They have my SSN, former name and address, and a bogus email account. That’s all I know. They used my real phone number and that’s how I got alerted to the activity. I got a text message congratulating me on my new line of credit. Ugh!! 

I’d love to track this motherfucker down, you know, and really press charges, but for now I’m happy that the card is cancelled and the fraud department has a file on it that they will be investigating. I will need to block more attempts with Equifax, etc. I wish I could say this is all new, but this is a repeat performance of something similar that happened about 2 years ago. Good gravy, this mad mad world!! 

Then today my daughter gets in her car to go to work and it doesn’t start. She got a ride to work from Jim but I’m not sure what to do about it now. I think to myself, if Jim were not here to advise me, what would I do? What would single Miss SugarCookie do to fix this? 

I mean, I WAS single for like 10 years and had to deal with all this stuff on my own. I guess I mostly had people I could ask, but I was definitely more self-sufficient. Being married has made me a little soft with all the adulting. It’s been nice to have a trustworthy partner!! 

What else? 

This afternoon I’m gonna get in my car and drive to my old house in Papillion. Credit as my fingers Molly is home, and I can ask her for some of my grape iris. This whole credit scare business is another reason I’d go to this trouble. If any other mail shows up at this house, I’d like to inform her or the new owners of this issue and to look out for mail in my name (or my former name). 

If I’m feeling particularly brave, I’ll stop by some bookstores with my book too. We’ll see on that. The whole idea of driving places and talking to people make my social anxiety flare up. I’m not gonna lie. It sucks! 

I think that’s gonna have to be it today. At least I finally finished one thing. 😜

Peace and love, 

~Miss SugarCookie


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