2022-08-16 Miss SugarCookie Attempts Shameless Self-Promotion…

Calling all the cool people in the Omaha/Lincoln/Council Bluffs metro area. You know who you are and you know where you need to be this Saturday!

The Bookworm in Omaha at 1pm to hear local poetry peeps reading from their respective books. More info about who and what here.

I’ll be reading from my collection, Unsuspecting Cinderella. And maybe even signing some copies after the event. It will be the first public reading I’ve done since the book came out.

What I’ve found is that I dig writing (when I can) but self promotional BS is a big pain. I’ve definitely been failing at it. Every week I tell myself I’ll do some stuff and each week I find an excuse not to.

Which makes the fact that I’ve mentioned the reading this Saturday on all the platforms and forums pretty uncharacteristic. It’s slightly easier because it’s a group and it’s more like I’m promoting them. 

Anyway…. Here are the relevant links: 

Local poet day at the Bookworm

Facebook event

My book at Finishing Line Press and Amazon

My author website

That’s enough for now. Or ever. Ha! 

Maybe someday I’ll have a book release party. But probably not. 🙃

Peace and love, 
~Miss SugarCookie

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