2023-05-09 Dear Sugar…

Sometimes you stumble upon a show that just gets you. That hits every note and at the same time, miraculously also helps you discover something new about yourself.

Yup. That’s “Tiny Beautiful Things.” On Hulu.

Ok. Thinking about this is making me feel a little uncanned. Uncanny? Un-something and also quite validated. Strange, yes, but hear me out. 

The lead character is a woman turning 50. ✅
She’s a writer (or wannabe with self-confidence issues). ✅
She’s got a husband and kids and chose that life (or rather let it choose her) and in doing so sacrificed her ambition and passion for writing. ✅
She’s picking it back up again—the writing, as some might say, late in the game. ✅

And wait for it…

Just wait…

She’s writing little flash essays as an anonymous columnist offering advice where her pen name is “Sugar” and OMG! Shut the front door!!! ✅✅✅

So should I sue the production company for stealing my life now or watch the rest of the episodes to see how it plays out? 🤣

Ok. So I’m not writing an advice column am I. I’m just writing all this “Dear Diary” style. But if I was writing advice, today it would be to watch this show. Especially if your a writer. The writing is excellent, the characters are engaging and well developed (and acted), and the story moves at the perfect pace and keeps you wanting more. It’s been really great thus far and I just finished episode 7.

To be fair, this woman’s life is seriously effed up and that’s not me either. She doesn’t have her shit together at all and I pretty much do. 

That’s right, people. Today I have my shit together. Today I’m in control. Wait a day, though, cuz that could change. In fact, I almost guarantee it.

Anyway… I don’t have much else today and need to get back to work. 

If you ever want my advice for real though, just send me a message

Always (and the one and only), 
~Miss SugarCookie

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