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  • 2017-10-22 Too Much

    I’ve got words in my head that are in the Chorus of a popular Dave Matthews Band song, Too Much. I eat too much, I drink too much, I want too much, too much. I don’t know what that song is really about, probably fame, but I’m feeling the chorus. Feeling it pretty heavy in […]

  • 2017-10-21 Have This Instead of That

    Yesterday was another very satisfying day. It was a nice balance of all the things I love to do. The only thing a little lacking in my week this week has been sleep. One would think that as much as I harp on sleep being so important, I would have found a way to stick […]

  • 2017-09-22 I Wish I Had a Treadmill

    I like going to the gym because when I do it’s like dedicated time to myself and I know I’m going to workout because there is nothing else to do there, save for the occasional sauna sitting. I’m focussed and have specific goals in mind. I even like to take classes now, which was not […]

  • 2017-09-09 A Fine Time on Nine Nine

    Today I woke up early (surprise surprise), but it was OK because I went to bed early so I achieved over nine hours of sleep. That’s a thing that seems to be steadily getting better and I’ve called out the key factors on this before but it bears repeating… 1.) What is on my brain […]

  • 2017-09-02 Saturday Triple Play

    Yesterday I worked tirelessly on my edging project, including returning/exchanging bags of paving sand to Home Depot because I got the wrong ones first time around. In my infinite wisdom I had decided to lay all the bricks in first (which I did early this week) to get a nice clean line just the way […]

  • 2017-08-10 Strange Days

    This week has been so strange. Despite having a few things planned, it seems that nothing is going according to plan. Some of it has been unexpectedly awesome and some of it has been just rotten. I’ll start with rotten so I can end on a positive note. Yesterday I wrote about my attempt to […]

  • 2017-06-30 Last Day of June

    Today is the last day of June and the last day of the first half of the year. I’m historically into being retrospective and analyzing things in order to make adjustments and improvements but not sure I’m really in the mood for a deep dive into that right now. Perhaps just a slight toe-dip in […]

  • 2017-06-11 Sunday Stats and Things Like That

    I’ve been so focussed on the big things and the big picture and big changes that I have not been keeping up on my day to day/week to week analysis. It’s really about time to start digging back into the details and when it comes to details, stats (and things like that) are where it’s […]