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  • 2018-03-27 “Impromptu Oral Surgery”

    Words my co-worker said sounded like the WORST PHRASE ever. But, that’s what I typed several times yesterday to People explaining how my morning went. I went to the dentist with a tooth ache on one side of my mouth and what I would describe as a growing “bubble” on the skin on the inside […]

  • 2018-03-12 The Thin Mint Struggle

    Welcome to a new week and we’re rolling into mid March like lambs and lions living together.. real pre-old testament stuff. Sooth sayers and Ceasar slayers, Shakespeare rising from his grave. Beware.. the mass hysteria. The kids are already enjoying their spring break by staying up late on a Sunday and sleeping in. I’m back […]

  • 2018-02-18 Sunday Status Update – Ugly, Uglier, and Ugliest

    Oh how I have missed you, my sweet, beautiful elliptical machine. I know I’ve been gone for a few days but I promise you there were no other machines involved.. just people, work, wine, and a successful visit to the Red Cross (not in that order of course). The stat at the top of my […]

  • 2018-01-27 A Whole 30 Rant

    Spoiler alert.. if you didn’t catch it from the title, I’m about to poke a hole in the Whole 30 program. If you don’t want the truth.. quit reading now. Ignorance is bliss. 😜 Today is Day 20 of a 30 day attempt to “reset” my body by eating Whole Foods only. I’m trying to […]

  • 2018-01-07 Sushi Sunday Funday Status Update – A Year in the Rearview

    It’s Sunday January 7th, 2018 and my gym is swarming with resolutionaries but I’m not there yet because I’m still catching up from last week. I’ve not had time to reflect deeply on 2017, but I think that’s ok because I spent so much time on it throughout the year. I was evaluating my status […]

  • 2017-12-03 Sunday Status Update and Reflection

    Some days I feel so positive about my progress and some days I just feel like a follow through failure. Braeaking it all down with statistics helps me realize the reality and take feelings out of the story. These “pulse checks” are therefore very helpful. It’s also helpful to compare one moment in time to […]

  • 2017-10-17 The Ultimate Broken Record

    Sometimes I say the same things over and over and that can get really boring. But just like that song that is “your ultimate favorite”, there’s another record out there we repeat over and over again and it remains just as sweet as the day (night) before… sleep. No doubts about it, I’m a huge […]

  • 2017-09-01 The Daily Dose is Doing Me Wrong

    I woke up at about 7 with a nasty crimp in my neck and am quick to take some over the counter (OTC) pain meds. At this point, I am finally getting around to reading that book I started in January about health and wellness and diet and and how the mind and body are […]