2020-06-23 Take Back the City Tour: Day 7 and 8

Continuing my course corrections this week and I’m still feeling better than I have in a while. Yesterday I went to the dentist and according to their records I had not been in for a check up and cleaning for two years. That’s one example of how time can slip by and a person just doesn’t realize that they haven’t done what they should have done. Two years.. really?

The good news is that my teeth and gums are in great shape. There’s no evidence of what might be causing my random teeth sensitivity. The dentist, who I’ve had a longer relationship with than any other man, worked his magic in adjusting my bite so that a non load bearing tooth wasn’t taking the lions share of the force when I bite down. The jury is still out on if that will improve my situation.

Today the health check up train continues. I go in for a mammogram and I think I know how long it’s been since my last one but I could be surprised there too. For anyone who has not had this procedure before, I will say it’s a treat (I’m lying of course).

My aunt once described it like this…. lying sideways on the ground and having a heavy garage door repeatedly smash down on your boob. Only you are standing and there’s a person there to position your boob perfectly on the surface of the platform so the machine can get some good pics of your parts smashed as flat as they will go.

Yeah. Exciting times! But ruling out one more serious thing will ultimately lift even more weight off me.

To recap.. Last week I had a head CT that proved I did not have a brain tumor or bleeding on my brain. I had labs drawn to check for all sorts of other potential problems. My thyroid is normal, chemistry looks great, my hormones are within acceptable parameters, and I’m not pregnant. The nurse called yesterday and indicated that the hormone levels indicate I’m not going into menopause yet. I hadn’t even thought of that.

Menopause is like one of those things that feels like it should be far away. But maybe it’s not as far as I think. 🤷‍♀️

The only test that’s not back yet is the testosterone. Being female, one might think that’s not relevant, but it is. Low T in women can be a cause of fatigue, low sex drive, lack of focus. All the things that sound familiar to yours truly. I won’t go into the medical saga I went through in 2018 trying to get to the bottom of these chronic problems, but I will say, I’m very interested in the results.

For real, though, even if my primary objective has temporarily become getting clean with regard to substances I’ve been abusing, I feel like original issues will likely still be there. So getting free of benzodiazepines is step one. Cutting out alcohol is happening at the same time as is minimizing the caffeine.

It’s Day 8 and I have not had a drink. It has been no problem, as I predicted. The caffeine is a little tougher but I feel like I’m over the hump with that (maybe) and kind of shrugging the occasional cup of coffee. But all this does, in my estimation, is remove a few variables and hit a reset. I’m not focused on my eating habits (yet) and have not scratched the surface with regard to my exercise routine. As in, still doing the same things. Probably need a change up there too.

I feel like I’m not quite ready yet, you know.. baby steps. Make some adjustment, rebalance, reevaluate, and add something new in.

And so far, there’s no appearance of a Llama or an Ostrich in this story. But I feel like there’s about to be. I’m planning something that is sure to be more interesting than a daily rehash of my body and mind cleanse.

I’m outta time now though so that’s gonna have to wait till tomorrow. 🦙

Until Then,
~Miss SugarCookie


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